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Edna Alemayehu 17h
So drivers- just because it's referred to as "zebra crossing" are you waiting for actual real live zebras to cross??? Cause you sure as hell aren't stopping for human beings!! 🦓🦓🦓🦓🦓🦓🦓🦓
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Mikiyas Bekele (ሚክያስ) 3h
Interesting read on the place of the Urban dwellers, the Aradas within the "development" schemes of . Hustling at ‘the end of history’. Development and inequality in inner Addis
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Kiflu Hussain 20h
Nameless, Ordinary Folks Who Keep The World From Insanity Amidst dirty politics from to that rub off its filth on us; and in a world dominated by corporate ruthlessness, there is this story of kindest act which emerged from...
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DrWorku Bedada Nov 11
Do you see any support for female students in schools (KG, primary, secondary) located at the capital ? Leave alone regions! Do female graduates need special support? They are already capable-appreciated!
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MAA flight info Nov 11
Expected: arrival ET3508 from at 15:26
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Replying to @yon3TR
hahaha, how many of residents will afford it? we'll see then? hahaha
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Beki Nov 9
Replying to @TakeleUma @MayorBowser
Ababa it's not Addis Abeba
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Graceful 6BR/6BA Ambassadorial home to rent - CMC, AbabaCMC
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Embassy of Brazil in Addis Ababa Nov 14
Ambassador Luiz Eduardo Pedroso and members of the Embassy's team attending the Addis Ababa stopover of Embraer's E195-E2 World Demonstration Tour. 🇧🇷 🇪🇹
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Nebilo Nov 12
Replying to @abiyetk
z's days football become a conflict ground to promote zr ethno-centeric agenda. What we see in is nerve racking, a unified voice... should resume its own league matches 🤔
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የቤቶች ዋጋ ቅኝት በሪል እስቴት ድርጅቶች ክፍል አንድ ababa real estate price# housing buying price of houses in Addis Ababa , review of a real estate part one.
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Tinsae Z. Alemayehu MD 🇪🇹 Nov 11
Oh man 🤣 Can't imagine saying "take the second right after the Washington DC roundabout on Mayor Bowser street and you'll find ..."
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Democracy now!! Nov 8
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Democracy now!! Nov 6
Wulad, the fake peace agreement has only benefited one entity airline. People have totally stop going to . Everybody is going to . Last summer most of my family and friend only went to Asmara for a week and then to Addis for 2-3 weeks.
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Bilisuma Kegna Nov 7
If speaking &/or Oromifa raises eyebrows in & , we have a serious problem and & have succeeded dviding & decivng us. The truth is that in Addis, where I grew up, all languages were used freely. What changed now?
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Ben Mann 3h
Looking forward to talking about at the event in next week . Use the promo code IBM10 for a discount. You're welcome ;-)
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Jamie Uhrig Nov 12
Just saw 'Anbessa' . A child's displacement in on the edge of . Emotional. In your face. Brilliant .
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Women's Haven Africa Nov 7
Our CEO had a CloseUp with Rebecca Enonchong, Board Chairman of AfriLabs. ". This is to encourage more women participation in leadership. Yes we Can!
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Eric Magnuson Nov 9
Last week's "Monday Round Up" got me thinking about street photography, slam poetry and getting lost. I hope you'll check it out. Even if just to see some of the pics.
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Ranieri Sabatucci 2h
is back 21/11 at 20:00 in ! Together with the presentation of the documentary. Don’t miss the occasion!
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