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Tra Williams Jun 25
Have you ever made an excuse that sounds something like this? "I can't (insert something that is important to you), because I have to (insert something that is not important to you)." Nothing and no one controls you unless you give it the power to do so...
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Natalia Olynec 1m
Employees and consumers are increasingly holding companies to account
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Williamson County Sheriff Chody Jun 25
Today, we terminated a corrections officer who tested positive on a recent drug screen for methamphetamine. We have a great deal of employees who are top notch. Remember, one does not reflect all.
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Fred Stuvek 14h
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Inkatha Freedom Party Jun 21
It is confirmed. We are happy to announce, that our IFP Youth Brigade Chair, National Spokesperson and Member of Parliament will be the Chairperson of one of 's most important Portfolio Committee's - SCOPA.
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Centre for Law & the Environment 12h
The law profs open letter on is quoted by in today's . See the letter here:
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Jon Simon 4h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Peddling hate! How did that work in the mid terms ?
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Victoria Márquez-Mees 16h
Chairing the XVI Annual IAM Meeting in Abidjan
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Lolly Daskal Jun 22
 WINNING is not the ONLY thing that MATTERS 
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KirkFM 2h
Replying to @PrairiePhlox
I don’t know what any of that means, but you’re showing up and that’s all that matters. Get it. We’ll make this my post for the day.
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Centre for Law & the Environment 13h
As prepares to hear from public on a motion, Canadian law professors have issued an open letter endorsing actions by local governments to recover fair share of climate adaptation costs from
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Delmar 12h
Thank you Spruce Grove Salon Leader Trina for “keeping the pack safe” - great safety culture in the store and always doing the right thing for the pets in your care. Incredible sales YTD too 😊
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Tamara O'Connor 4h
louder for the people in the back!!
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Ukraine Reform Conference 16h
Replying to @UkrReformConf
Since 2014, has been undertaking reforms to reinforce , democratic and for all Ukrainians. The captures Ukraine’s reform process.
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Forks Girls Soccer Jun 25
Squeezed one in today....
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Chris Wells 4h
Hey - While you might be OK with a certain amount of customer churn, I’m not going to make it easy for you and switch providers. I’ll keep pushing until you provide the service I’m paying for. Ready to go the next step if necessary!
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SarahKostihaSmith 1h
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Ronnie Mc 17h
There’s only one way to achieve greatness! The seemingly small detail things matter much more than you think on the road to becoming a champion.
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Cathryn Nolan Jun 25
So after much messing around and false promises (to myself) I've now committed to writing a book. Part of the commitment I've made involves telling the world (well, Twitter) that I have made the commitment - thanks for the call out! 1/5
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jenny from tx 2h
Well i got blocked because i called a group I PAY DUES TO#racist.
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