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CAAWS Jun 20
Research shows that girls and women are disproportionately impacted by abuse and harassment in sport. Gender-based violence is a contributing factor in the gender gap in sport participation, both for athletes and for sport leaders.
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Kirsty Duncan Jun 19
Harassment of any kind is completely unacceptable. All Canadians deserve the opportunity to participate in a sport environment that is free of discrimination, harassment & harmful behaviour. Read more about the announcement made today:
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Kudos to the Quebec government for unanimously adopting the action plan put forward last Monday by the Coaching Association of Canada, the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada, the Canadian Centre for Child Protection and Respect in Sport.
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Matt Allen Jun 4
Proud of the work @TheGolfCanada and are doing to make golf an
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Susan Kitchen Jun 4
takes a village and many trained & caring people. Let's move toward a universal approach with a common Duty of Care Code and appointment of Safety Officers in every club and sport setting. Make Ethical Decisions
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Jennifer Heil Jun 4
I am inspired by your courage and strength. Speaking up about your invisible scars pushes us all to act to make sure this doesn’t happen again so that sport is a positive experience for all.
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C2theB Jun 19
Last year I had the privilege to witness ask a room full of sport leaders: “If safety isn’t your number 1 priority, what are you even doing?” Please follow the expertise & leadership of . They’ve done the work, we just need to implement it.
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Ethics and Respect training prepares coaches to effectively handle situations that arise from ethical dilemmas. Learn valuable tips and resources on Ethics Training in this blog written by our Communications Manager !
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Kirsti Lay Jun 4
What strength and courage these four women have, coming forward & demanding . Thank you for standing up & creating change for our future generation of athletes
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The Coaches Site Jun 4
Today, 4 brave women stepped into the spotlight & spoke publicly to protect young athletes across all sports. We thank them for their courage & recognize the need to make serious changes across all sports to keep young athletes safe.
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Athletics Canada Jun 4
Athletics Canada stands behind these women and the steps taken today in building a safe sport system for all. We support the need for sport organizations to ensure sport is free of abuse and harassment
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CAAWS Jun 16
According to recent data, youth are twice as likely as their peers to be physically assaulted in school and half as likely to participate in organized sports. is for everyone.
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Helen Upperton Jun 4
These women are heroes for having the courage to share their pain & push for change so all athletes are safe. I hope this is the catalyst for Canadian Sport to take necessary steps for
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𝓢𝓽𝓮𝓹𝓱𝓪𝓷𝓲𝓮 𝓛𝓪𝓫𝓫𝓮́ Jun 4
Sending my full support to these women and admire their strength and commitment to creating change. I hope the necessary steps are taken to stop this from ever happening again... anywhere.
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Mark Tewksbury Jun 4
Some brave athletes are speaking out publicly today after years of abuse from their coach to make change in the sport system. I show my support for this initiative and the courage of these athletes!
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Lianna McDonald Jun 4
Change must be made. For more than 20 years these 4 women have endured the terrible damage caused by the abuse of their coach when they were vulnerable teen athletes. We cannot continue to allow this to happen to children.
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Background screening is a process that ensures coaches meet the security requirements to work with athletes. Learn valuable tips and resources on Background Screening in this blog written by our Communications Manager !
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Perdita Felicien Jun 4
I admire your courage & stand with you. Thank you for fighting to make sport in our country a safe space. ~ Women abused by ex-national ski coach Bertrand Charest speak out for 1st time via:
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Ghislaine Landry Jun 4
Standing in solidarity with these women today, who are courageously speaking up to protect athletes and create a safer sport system in Canada. Thank you for your strength
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CCES Jun 19
The CCES congratulates and for their leadership on the critical issue of harassment in sport. supports the creation of a sustainable and effective solution for Canadian sport.
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