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Kate 2m
A coalition of 100+ orgs released a report "measuring the harmful impact of ICE's increased courthouse arrests on immigrants' access to justice, inc survivors of domestic/sexual violence, victims of , single mothers & youth."
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RavArielStone PDX Interfaith Clergy Resistance 28m
“ enforcement agencies are able to create fake accounts to spy on users, despite Facebook’s policy which prohibits all users, including government agencies, from making them.”
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organize the south 10m
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DSA Kern County 20h
Our comrades need our help in ensuring another family is not split apart by ICE. Call the field director number (not the Mesa Verde number) and demand immediate release
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Ron Bassilian (R) Apr 20
Replying to @MikeTokes
Why have a crumbling government when you can eliminate it entirely?
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The Bronx Defenders 1h
. has proven to communities nationwide and Members of Congress alike that they cannot be trusted and have thwarted attempts at oversight and accountability
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Mesa Verde Liberation Front 22h
Replying to @MVLiberation
Please ONLY call the Field Director!!! Hector's partner is concerned that if we call Mesa Verde, they might retaliate against Hector!!! So for now, ONLY CALL THE FIELD DIRECTOR!!!
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Gil Griffin Apr 20
Replying to @abcperth
Why can't US police departments and ICE do this?
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Marilyn Mendoza 🦋 Apr 15
Just had to share immigration knowledge with my therapist. 🤔 not sure how that makes me feel...but atleast she has a better understanding of why I'm depressed/stressed.
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dudeguypal Apr 17
Replying to @ICEgov
And each one of those career paths contributes to the evil actions that your racist and fascist organization commits. .
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National Center for Lesbian Rights Apr 17
After requesting asylum, was detained & then denied critical medical care. Without antiretrovirals, she died of complications. She risked everything to come to the US, & died due to neglect and abuse at the hands of ICE.
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Just gonna leave this here..
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Diego Aranda Teixeira Apr 19
Hey you guys It's great y'all want to say and that you love But you can do actual stuff you know lawmakers think it's dangerous to pass pro-immigrant laws federally. You need to show that it's dangerous not to do so. Get off your ass. Force them.
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Seth Wispelwey Apr 21
Replying to @RevSethDub
“Professed militias have a long history of targeting immigrants from Latin America, tracing back to the Ku Klux Klan’s creation of its own border patrol in the 1970s.” Friendly regular reminder that ICE is also terrorism.
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Robert J 22h
“Jesus was considered an illegal by the ruling authorities of his day. We would do well to pay attention to who is being called a criminal today”
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UUA Apr 21
People are working to & . On Passover, many honor the journey toward freedom and liberation. On Easter, many honor the resistance to empire. Donate to your local community immigration bond fund.
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Xia 18h
This has always been reality for Latinx families. The administration has amplified & proven our worst fears. This is a pain you cannot recover from, and this tearful reunion is the best case scenario for undocumented families. Americans need to see this.
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🌍Inner Strumpf🌎 Apr 20
Replying to @ChuckModi1
Bernie will need to convince some Republicans & some closeted Democrats that he's serious about national sovereignty. I don't think is gonna fly.
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🌹𝒦𝓇𝒾𝓈𝓈𝓎🌹 SHEWOLF 1h
Replying to @ewarren
Millenials want and nobody cares about your thoughts on GoT when people and the planet are suffering
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Mesa Verde Liberation Front Apr 21
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