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fat, femme, fatigued, and fucking fabulous 3h
Apparently husband and I, both wheelchair users, existing in public warrants comment. Apparently we are a "convoy". Funny, I thought we were a "marriage". (Why is it always old white men?)
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TheIrishNinjas ♿️ Sep 11
Found in a Reddit thread discussing a Harry Potter character that uses a wheelchair for mobility. You have a world with literal *magic*, the bounds of which no-one really knows, and yet the existence of disabled wizards “doesn’t make sense”?
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aneimansf Sep 14
Replying to @NyleDiMarco
Translation - “We don’t view you as enough of a human being to provide basic access however you’re famous so please be a prop for us to make money off of.” I know the hashtag is but honestly it should be
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Julia Wolhandler Sep 11
I just watched someone very obviously take pictures of someone on the metro with vitiligo. Just because people look different than you does not allow you the right to make them a spectacle for your viewing pleasure! Do better!
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Usdi Crittenden 16h
You call us "special needs," but your needs are apparently so special that the entire world caters to them?
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Wonwoo Sep 12
You think I wanna be sick? You think I want to have so much pain that I can't walk for days? You really think I wanna be locked in in my room? Exhausted just from walking a few steps? Really?
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R. Custos Sep 14
Why the fuck would you ableds call "special needs"? We're not the butt of your goddamned insulting "jokes", you ableist shitheads.
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Jessie Nebulous♿ Sep 13
Replying to @jessienebulous
What do I even say to that?
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♡♿︎ What’sHerName 24h
Some ableds REALLY suck as human beings 😑
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Eman Rimawi Sep 14
I love it when an org invites me to speak at 9am on a Saturday just to not let me speak and then throws some colorism and ableism in there! That's exactly how I wanted to spend my Saturday 🙄🙄🙄
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🌹Mi, oh Mi 🌈 Sep 8
Something like this would be awesome for someone like me who adores their phone but has huge pain from using it, whose arms tire spectacularly fast when elevated or moving. But yeah, call it a joke and dehumanise us.
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Naomi Melody Doevendans Sep 10
I absolutely hate it when people surround me at festivals and dance with me as if I'm 3 years old. I'm a fierce bitch in a wheelchair And you look weird making those baby faces, honey
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Vegan Nobody Sep 10
Replying to @HSDprblms
This is so relatable! I had a friend who'd constantly invite me to inaccessible places and say that she knew I couldn't come but wanted me to 'feel included'...
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AutisticScienceLady Sep 7
Replying to @AspieHuman
Before, also them: So did you injure it? how did you injure it? Me: That's a really invasive question to ask *nervous laughter.* Them: I'm only asking because.. *discloses someone else's disability to me.* ???? I will never understand.
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Jenn At Home💖 Sep 11
zomgosh this whole ep of is
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Louise James Sep 14
Replying to @StephTaitWrites
I don't use my cane at home, just when I'm out (spinal injuries, chronic fatigue, chronic pain amongst many other conditions) and my neighbour repeatedly demands to know why I'm using a cane when I leave my flat. I've already told him repeatedly.
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Views From The 6ick♿🏳️‍🌈🇨🇦 17h
is being called lazy if you CAN’T work because of your disability and being called a liar if you CAN work with your disability. THERE IS NO PLEASING PEOPLE 🤦🏻‍♀️
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Grace Lapointe 16h
more by me Me when people are in my way GIF: Dustin Hoffman in Midnight Cowboy, saying, "Hey! I'm walkin' here!"
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Kimberley Jane Erin Sep 15
Redefining Independence on the Psych Ward
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Elisabeth Lilas Sep 15
this is.... REALLY WEIRD 0_0
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