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Chowkidar Priti Gandhi 12h
When an predicts a 303 for the NDA, then there is no need to wait for the 23rd of May for a formal announcement. Let the celebrations begin!!! राज तिलक की करो तैयारी....!!!!
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Vickas (फ़िदातो) 9h
Please give him some Burnol. Irrespective of what happens on 23rd of May ( ) I have enjoyed these elections for the sheer exposure of hypocrisy of Khan Market Gang.
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Deνιℓ 11h
Hate Modi as much as you want, but you cannot deny the fact that he alone has cleaned up the combined oppositon left, right & centre once again. Modi easily is the politician with most supporters ever in India.
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Chowkidar Abhishek Tibrewal 36m
Still 3 days to go and EVM started Trending people can understand the mindset of India's opposition....
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Ajay Tandon 32m
Headlines from the newspaper owned by Barbala’s friend it seems a ground being prepared for calling this a moral victory of पर यह मान गये
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Chowkidar Prof. Vijay Radadiya #IAmChowkidar 49m
This clearly indicates that Opposition don't even trust Election Commission of India and doubt on their work... This is because they realized that till today we made people fool to come in to power and now people understood the fact clearly 🌷🌷
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NationFirst 13m
Replying to @RahulGandhi
So you think going to Kedarnath is drama. Real colour of seasonal dattatrey kaul gatra is visible.
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Vihar Mandhare 8m
Replying to @KarunaGopal1
When you raise a finger to others there are three fingers raising towards you
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Hrishabh Gupta 11h
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Muskan Srivastav 9h
I hope you are okayy after watching the 😂😂 This is what happens when you support wrong people... apna paap modi ke tsunami mai dho lena.. I hope you get the truth aur reality soon
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Chowkidar Tr👁️lling D😋ddy 36m
How was your experience of being a Modi supporter? Bhakts:
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chowkidaar veerKamal 1h
My prediction BJP : 326-336 NDA: 365-395
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Tejas Rangnekar 9m
Finally, in Westeros 😂😂. Monarchical Democracy 😂.
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Chowkidar Paras S Bhindora 1h
...... ......... Once again only and only Modi sarkar in 2019........ Jai Hind.......... Vande Mataram....... Jai Shri Ram.
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Vidula Khanwalkar 31m
Replying to @MamataOfficial
Which battle madam? Its already worry abt ur next generation s future..kyunki
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JM 1m
Replying to @sardesairajdeep
All of the intellectual hate in the world cannot fight the WILL of the people. 😌 What say?
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Ajinkya Gogate 12m
You should have replied back..
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rahul purohit 44m
My son first time voter studying in IIT voted to
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Chowkidar Deepak Pai 🇮🇳 44m
Replying to @waglenikhil
Ok.... enjoy this for 3 days more... Phir...
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Rahul Wadhwani 49m
Replying to @kamaalrkhan
Loser why the losers like you always said all things are fixed when your team is is loss. I know you're fan & all the fans told you will win because they always continues their legacy like 2013,15,17,19. & when we see dear hater
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