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Smart Invest Oct 18
Well I think I’m truly shite at stock trading & investing, I’ve spunked away 60k in 8 years and never come close to levelling it out ever, time to quit once and for all, if I couldn’t make it in the so called bull run , god help me in the bear years ahead, finished me off.
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Pete RRex Oct 18
podcast Questions 1) Why the decision to postpone the BFS so late 2) Do they admit they dropped the ball in infill drilling BKM or other RC 3) Why the sudden focus back to KSK exploration 4) Is is the preferred route to JV Beutong as to pay for KSK exploration
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Michael Burry Oct 18
how's that technical analysis working out for ya? There's only one indicator you need to pay attention to when it comes to small caps and that's F. A. (Fundamental Analysis) 😂🤣😂🤣
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The Ma$ter Oct 18
So whats a good price for ?
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Bobby Shafii Oct 18
Replying to @jonesejm @shareperson
copy paste from LSE: "Legal action has just been taken on ARS Indonesian partner PT EMM. To revoke the mining permit at Beutong." Please see: And
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trainee trader Oct 19
Replying to @pjb2go
true, but it is a lot of money to loose only to put it somewhere else which seems to loose as well. Struggling at the moment to make the correct choices ☹️ example
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Trader Oct 18
Beutong mine licence revoked oh dear oh dear
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Smart trader Oct 18
Hearing mining licence revoke ? Anybody ?
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AsiaMet Resources Oct 18
With reference to a recent article published in prior to release of BKM & Beutong update today, Asiamet can report that the Beutong IUP is in good standing & in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources
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RepStones Oct 18
Trying to hold my nerve on If article is weeks old and there was no RNS about it, it must not impact them. What say you ?
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MR C Oct 18
I am a simple investor and I believe / follow fundamentals and needs in the world. I don’t panic sell or follow false herds. I have been in for many years and it will take a lot more than today’s news to make me believe this is not a billion pound company.
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The Groggy Dealer Oct 18
Never a proponent of catching falling knives my god is presenting an opportunity here on the back of the BKM BFS delay. Let’s not forget this is to ‘significantly enhance the robustness of the project.’ Whispers of a Beutong partner too. Looks extremely cheap to me.
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Trader_007 Oct 19
Replying to @STEVETA00544440
Steve we make our own decisions. Shares don’t go up in a straight line & as I’ve said I sell/buy if I see material change. For me nothing materially changed yesterday. Disappointing delay...yes, but not material change.I sat through many large pull backs in SQZ & many others
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TheLongerGame Oct 19
Replying to @TheLongerGame
Both feet in the 6's. Easiest money for months this has been
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🕗ontheup🕟 Oct 19
Trade on back around even, didn't look good first thing. Well played those that grabbed the bottom of .
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Pete RRex Oct 19
more evidence; At some of the holes in the BEP and BWP reporting increasingly elevated copper-gold +/- molybdenum grades with depth e.g. BEU0700-03 148m at 0.80% Cu, 0.15g/t Au, 98 ppm Mo from 146m and 110.7m at 0.76% Cu, 0.13g/t Au, 129ppm Mo.
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Mark Oliver Oct 18
Replying to @parisvi
Well bid sub 8, but the company needs to put out a statement and fast as to what/where exactly this report applies to and how it affects Asiamet, if indeed it does at all
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John Baker Oct 17
... Beutong Assays due , BKM FS due imminently ... big M&A / JV activity going on within the copper space . Couple this with a weekly chart that looks set to move materially higher. Current Mcap £93M
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Alextrades🛢 Oct 18
Nice ninja trade Feel sorry for those shaken out... Back to 10p then😁
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AsiaMet Resources 3h
Broker updates: Target price reiteration from Liberum of 20p Target price reiteration from Arden Partners of 24p
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