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#SHUGA 40m
De shuga wz too much in ma kooko diz mrn n I had to call n to cum dilute am small gve me pon dem dead
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•The Judge• Apr 21
Replying to @YankeesTalk99
Now we go out west and have three winnable series against , , and . Gary back Wednesday with G not far behind him. Let’s Keep it Rolling!!!
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eoservices 4h
retweet @ GEOSEC2025: "Analysis Ready Data is no longer a desire but an expectation. We need to pre-process data and make it globally available in the cloud." Brian Killough of NASA and OpenDataCube talks and at
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Amit kumar 20h
They are truly bas# 😠
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Nora 14h
Couldn’t ask for a better start to Easter Monday than a hike around with my beloved for 😍 Of course, we tried to get Molly the Koala to join us but she was exhausted from her Easter celebration 😉
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Sanful Apr 21
PON DEM dem already dead 🤣🤣
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Penny Fernandez Apr 22
❤❤😍😍Quick shout out to my beautiful team on Turner ward Thank you for covering this long Easter weekend. Also thank you all for your continuous support to me and the rest of the team😉
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Ike_Terabyte🇬🇭 15h
Replying to @ShattaBlog
Afro beats Reggae Dancehall 😆😆😆😆😆 E go over u
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Lana Arrow 17h
Our country never fails to amaze me just beautiful everyday but the sunshine makes it even better getting some steps in.
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ArdWear® CEO 16h
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nadia_bot Apr 22
all i want to look better, sound better, run better and be better than every other website accepts debit
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Adam Robinson Apr 19
Built in BBQ and preparation facilities. Allows our client more reasons to get outside and reap the therapeutic rewards of what a garden can offer. Styling product from
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Burning Laundry Apr 15
AR Defense this week Going to track this each season to get some feedback! Got one other tracking project in the works, but it's a bit harder to keep on top of.. maybe next week? :o
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Emmanuel Oscar Apr 20
Ghana Big. Ashiaman bigger. bi the biggest. Simple. AFRO. REGGAE. DANCEHALL.
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Adam Robinson Apr 20
Taking in the beautiful mix of planting and hardscaping at our Rozelle rooftop landscape design project.⁣⠀ ⁣⠀
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Paul Kelly Apr 15
Replying to @Harky83 @GrahamSpiers
So you have no problem with Sevco fans singing “cheer up (manager’s name)....sad Fenian b##....” ?? Do you think you represent the views of all Celtic fans on this?
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Gary Phillips Apr 19
Replying to @JoeMackenzie16
Ya handsome b@ 😁
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Yung Barrista Apr 19
This song you'll feel both typical and vibes init ... So is not right to say pon dem? Hustle for di money Work for di money As Yuh dey pray for di…
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Dare Zlatan Apr 19
Replying to @1GAD11
Naah don. Dis no need mke we no stoop low to demma level. Mke we focus and pon dem
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Ard Bit/GoPay 2h
ARDX/MNT IV/08-IV/22 – Trading Data Join Us on Telegram for ARDX news and important updates. @…
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