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Pavlos 3h
Replying to @IamNOTcrazy__
The stone that & build their houses
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Mohsin Ali Ahmed Jun 21
Why UAE is allowing its bases to be used against Iran? They (USA and Israel) are dragging the Muslims into another 'Civil War'. Wake up and live with Integrity, not like slaves and puppets. You have the power (Oil supply). Stop it while there's still time!!
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Anonymous_Forest Jun 18
The story of how and arrived from () and (black moon) and systematically genocided the native archetype race of humans already living here on . This is / level that NEEDS to be shared!
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लकी Jun 25
Dear Asking to leave is not acceptable Worldwide you had better reputation in than the honour that reputation.
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hippyhousemusic Jun 22
and cooked up by
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Chanklish 8h
Replying to @razbn75
and are into S&M
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Zeeshan Husnain 🇮🇷🇵🇰🇮🇶🇸🇾🇱🇧🇹🇷🇷🇺🇨🇳 11h
Replying to @SecPompeo
These worthless and cannot fight priceless
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Ali Borsan Jun 25
Replying to @AliMBorsan
One of them was not friendly with people who are publicly against regime, the other did not like . But both of managements and businesses were protected in some how, have some powers in some places supposed to bring us justice and our rights.
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we don't follow anyone, @83farwest i'm here now Jun 18
cowards fuck all
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Eva Kim Jun 18
Replying to @itsevakim
gonna be a successful artist! Yes no one is supporting me neither close people nor the community and the government. I'll try to make a new history for the , cuz our music is somewhat old,dark and no one would listen to it globally!!—indeed in my opinion..
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🇹🇷 تجمع عرب أنقرة 9h
this ((tweet to increase chances of ))meeting in
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Replying to @economics
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Spencer Sims 7h
If the put down their guns, there would be Peace. If put their down, there would be no .
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Liibaan Xassan Jun 20
We are NOT. We are . leave us alone.
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مايا/Maya Jun 23
It becomes so sexist when you got to do chores in an Arabic household. The males in the family are watching tv while 3ami fasfso bzr and the females are cleaning making a hot meal taking care of the kids etc...
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Khalil Yusuf Charles 7h
The Deal of the Century 50 billion dollars to get improved 'prison' conditions in the and , to enrich a few businesses and to stop moaning about being dispossessed by the friendly, playful army! GREAT DEAL!
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Dumbarton Oaks 8h
From the Severan Dynasty empresses to many early adopters of Christianity, shaped politics, military, and culture in the Roman world. Get Irfan Shahîd's book & other classic works 25% off with code KALAMAZOO19: . Only good through June 30!
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KickAssSushi 13h
Replying to @rogerwaters
There where no / there 3,000 years ago and have always been there.
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The Jerusalem Post 18h
According to a new in-depth survey today are less religious compared to previous years, but still find “honor killings” more acceptable than homosexuality.
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Silvia González Jun 25
The in seven charts: Are turning their backs on ?
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