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Patrick Dec 9
in regards to the Sonics they left not just because of the politicians, Schultz, Stern and Bennett but also the ignorance of the people in the Seattle region as well!
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Čh405_Žeřø Dec 9
Replying to @ICEgov
😂 What are the skills required?
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André Torkveen 19h
From upon receiving the : «My community has been exposed to for >4 years. The did nothing to counter or stop it.» …on the towards 's and others fate.
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Mark DC 12h
Watching & Friday’s The , , , and all show systemic, consistent disrespect & disregard of women. I would’ve liked to hear more from the
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MiNe 2h
Replying to @J_amesp
We have to gently explain to people that “politics” affects everything they do. will kill us all
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Thurston 3h
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Lee Jones 16h
"Let's all be positive, and let's all be thankful". And how's that workin' for ya?
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Karina Burley 13h
The fluoride and the rest of the bullshit has finally kicked in... 😴
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Lou Dec 7
is there any danger someone might take my complaint seriously??
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Lee Jones Dec 8
You can do what's right, or you can do what's comfortable. Which one you pick speaks to your character, or lack thereof.
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FWWC Dec 6
There will be many “Message Of The Cross” believers who will be giving an account to God for refusing &/or neglecting to support whole-heartedly the Cross-preaching Church in their community w/ their time, talents, & finances. Romans 14:12
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Wagwalk2 Dec 5
very disappointed ☹️ in your staff, took a family member there today in a wheelchair, the person at the front desk made no eye contact, ask how he was feeling or even got out of their chair.
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Philip McGowan 13h
CAPE (the exercise formerly known as APR). Colleagues will recognise both the acronym & my Monday
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Citizens Attain Greater Satisfaction In Life Dec 5
Replying to @STeventHorizon
I can see it happening. Unfortunately, too many don't even want to pay attention to others who have, long since broken supposed "American Dream" illusion. So many won't even stand up for themselves, much less, get them to stand up for someone else. 😟 at highest level.
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Michael 20h
Replying to @elephantlass
I’m not but it is a serious question isn’t it and begs the question why so many either don’t vote or vote Tory only to be punished
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greenlight Dec 4
Replying to @kevinsheehanDC
20 yrs of snyder mismanagement ... eventually, remembrance of (and belief in the return of) the glory days is going to fade finally has arrived
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Jill Medley Torres Dec 9
WWJD... trump Jesus wud gas and cage babies 😏the Jesus I'm familiar with would give these ppl food medicine and 💡How can you cheer this on..your will come back to haunt you 😉FYI👉🏻the 💩 is a self confessed ✅them out..✌🏻
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❤🇮🇳Shiva Prasad🌏❤ Dec 4
Horror followed by immolation due to . Hope does a better job learning from this failure. #
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SteelerJim Dec 4
Replying to @PatHarty
I’m ready for a change. You can be an A hole if you win, we as fans will look past it and make excuses. But when you’re an A hole and lose, with no improvement, that’s hard to I don’t.
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Andrew Greer Dec 7
You ask me, I think the song is about presented at the most epic of levels!
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