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AnnaBolic 19h
My nails aren’t even done. That’s how much I care anymore
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Materialist Zen Feb 14
My successful is all due to my incredible levels of and
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Willowfield 6h
Only a politician in Canada(BC); can steal $64,000 while MP; get charged and convicted; receive a slap on the wrist 100hr community service; admit a mental disorder; run for government again; and receive support from the public.
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Deborah Goonan Feb 16
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Coach Earnest 20h
Replying to @CoachBear57
The amount of empty seats tell me the fans are ready for him to go away.
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FletchRexxx Feb 16
Replying to @mjfree
So you should be
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Avishek Chakrobarty Feb 13
44hrs in of India without power! taken 8 complaints and 50+ calls but ZERO resolution. feeling! is an eye opener to quality of
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Vitotaxi Club Mike Feb 16
Replying to @ward_wardk4 @The_LCDC
Too many “ Leave it to others “ !
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oxymoron Feb 11
i miss those no-holds-barred conversations. i miss the tell all stories exchanged. i miss the interest & respect. now it's all
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FoolishPerspectives 21h
Replying to @gchikermane @BDUTT
scared to even tell Weak meek slow n dull has n lacks will to do anything about as breeds justify n build fatal factory and kill freely at their wish Weak deserve to be killed. bleeds ultimately
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80s Gal Feb 15
Replying to @danilic
Bloody hell, I thought the politicians were out of touch!
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Laurie Feb 15
Replying to @CndnSheepdog
A little boy watching his dad choke Mom, or hear him calling her name cannot turn it off. A teen-aged girl being raped by the guy she'd initially thought was Prince Charming cannot turn it off. 14/?
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DailyQuotes Feb 13
Regardless of our efforts, we have arrived at the inevitable destination of apathy. D.M. Timney
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adebiyi haruna a. Feb 16
apart from economic effects on ordinary Nigerians, my fear is on the part of already demoralised Nigerians
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Coach Earnest Feb 12
That looks more like an Anderson play out of a timeout. Just another bad loss to another bad team.
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BigJMcC Feb 14
The 53% voter turnout didn’t hurt his chances.
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John Totels Feb 8
Our species has a long way to go to live up to its opinion of itself.
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Ged from Huyton Feb 9
Noticed I’ve made two spelling errors today. And I haven’t even tried to correct them. This is what Everton does to you.
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Business Growth Club 13h
You only need 5 minutes! ⏰ 5 minutes of is all you really need to help break through your
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It's Okay to Be Green 24h
And we wonder why our democracy is in such a mess 🤦‍♀️
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