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Venus Baloyi Mihambi 3h
Replying to @MYANC
we are tired of lies
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Justin as it is! 10m
Replying to @iSpeakHouse
No he said "What is a Zanu PF?" then later he said "Zanu is the ANC" you must listen carefully, very flip flop as usual like you said when he was in the and for now he pretends that he has always been against them. You can't trust a shapeshifter.
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Justin as it is! 50m
"The loss of confidence led to the loss of confidence to invest" NO the government led to the loss of confidence that led to a loss of Investment and you still sit around trying to sugarcoat a rotten fruit.
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ZesttyMe 2h
Replying to @CapeTalk
What does he expect? has given birth to a society of unethical, organised crime, poverty and a cost of living nobody can afford anymore.... not to mentioned the bunch that have been born since 1994, with a "sense of entitlement" compliments of the
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Simmie_Phiwe 22h
Replying to @MbalulaFikile
I will vote ❎ for Umkhonto onevili kumnyama kubomvu, ayikho inhlangano engcono kune ANC people are able to talk today bcz of ANC. They don't know struggle. I wish that ANC can win with 3rd majority.
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Andrew James 12m
Important to note is the one who launch the . When & the & forced out in favour of , that's the moment 's ANC died.
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Lord Kissypants Jan 22
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Jason van Zyl 16h
Replying to @helenzille @willempet
The only way to cripple this cancerous is for us to stop funding our hard earned money to them.
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Lord Kissypants 3h
In 25 years of rule, they brought us: - Increase in VAT - Increases in petrol price - Increases in electricity price - - - Failing Government Departments - SOEs near collapse Change is needed, away from
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Sieg Prigge 4h
Replying to @zizikodwa
Just a pity voters gives the corrupt politicians a "tata ma chance, tata ma millions for them and fokol for themselves" Playing lotto with their vote told voters they don't count by saying stands by their corrupt comrades at 👇🏼
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lebo pine 13h
Replying to @City_Press
After that billboard he and the rest of can go to hell until they learn to ask permission and that not everything is about the
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Banana Republic SA 4h
The hypocrisy of & had to catch up with them sooner or later. "cannot bring back the through the back door” when the people of Tshwane rejected them in 2016," smacks of the party's double standard, selective morality & racism. springs to mind. Consistency.
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Hassner 3h
Replying to @baloyi_venus @MYANC
One vote AGAINST the is 2x better than no vote. A vote for is a vote for ANC. They will work together in coalition.
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Plagodis 5h
Our president must also come clear bout R500,000 was paid by to his compaigne cannot to be alone here birds of the same feather flock together is a nightmare to some of us
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#OneMillionPadsCampaign 3h
On your marks! Get set! We are ready for 2/3 majority! ♥💚💛
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JodiAnne 3h
Self correction was never a genuine priority for the ANC! Self serving power is. The ANC of today must to be voted out of power!👇🏼
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Sihle Ngobese 17h
The source of an politicians arrogance is their knowledge that they’ll be paid every month. They’re paid to impoverish us. How’s that for an oxymoron😏
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AgangSA 17h
South Africans must not forget this face, it's the closest thing to liberation and truth in the
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Banana Republic SA 18h
The corrupt comrades wanting their slice of the pie, now bribing the community. The depths to which the will go is staggering. believe in there too. Time for the people of Mzansi to make a stand.
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Steyn 21h
Government is not the solution, but rather the cause of our problems. – Ronald Reagan
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