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The Center for Public Integrity 15h
Democrats love decrying “dark money” -- but that didn’t stop them from using it during the Alabama special U.S. Senate election
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Zach C. Cohen 11h
Democratic guv hopefuls in red states are starting to hire veterans of 's campaign:
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Following the victory by in , local Dem leaders in Alabama are looking to carry momentum into
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James Lambert Feb 6
Replying to @hellofasandwich
In total, counting tonight's big win in Missouri, Democrats have flipped 35 state legislative seats in Trump Era elections, plus in December. We're tracking all the flips here: (Conversely, Republicans have flipped four seats from blue to red.)
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Josh Kraushaar Jan 31
Great stat from Teixiera in special: "Jones benefited from a margin swing of more than 30 POINTS among white non-college voters, relative to the 2016 presidential race in the state."
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Jonathan Martin Jan 28
I think elected Dems wld be more uneasy if she was regularly making news or was trying to show up in, say,
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- digs through the Democrats' operation heading into the
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Just Carol Feb 2
Yes, I do. Despite the fixes+ Gerrymandering, the high # voters Outgunned + races😉 Important2 Get Out The Vote Get ppl in office 2secure 🇺🇸democracy 🇺🇸Fair elections MikeF's work shows need 4remedies we need patriots in gov2
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The Center for Public Integrity 8h
Highway 31 was a powerful group supporting Doug Jones' campaign, but the super PAC's use of 'dark money' contradicts the Democratic Party's campaign finance reform agenda.
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🐏 Radical Goats 🐏 Feb 1
My problem with him is that he is blind to the intersection between economic and social justice. The latter is what he derisively refers to as “identity politics.” Although he’s not using that term so much since happened.
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(((WitCoHE))) Jan 29
Senator @GDouglasJones just turned in his resignation (effective Jan 2021), by voting to continue the genocidal torture & murder of babies. Senator, with no due respect (since you've earned none & deserve less), you are evil.
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Bill Gray 16h
How Democrats use ‘dark money’ — and win elections via
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StrategicRetweetr4urNewsFeedr CWB🇺🇸 Jan 28
Keeping our fingers crossed. Just hope the race and the atlanta mayoral race results arent omens
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Brian Lyman Jan 31
Rep. Paul Beckman, R-Prattville, citing Roy Moore's threats to challenge as a concern with this bill: "The Republican parties whether they come outside the state can funnel money and delay the process. Moore could attack certain precincts because he has the money."
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Ashley Balcerzak 15h
. had a heaping of help from a super PAC called Highway 31 to win his election. went down multiple rabbit holes to reach the real flesh-and-blood people behind the groups. Here are 3 attempts that resulted in dead ends
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Nicholas Blake Jan 30
. caught on a hot mic talking @GDouglasJones win in : "It was a fluke." also: "Let's release the memo."
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Anti- sentiment and special elections like helped fundraising groups aligned with Senate Democrats best their GOP counterparts last year
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Replying to @HouseGOP @POTUS
AUDIO: Trump describing "benefits" of sex with a troubled teen. Trump endorsed a pedophile.
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guess you missed the Women's March, , Virginia and NJ elections....
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Im a Linda too 7h
I'm pretty sure all the Democrats publicly calling for Al Franken to resign so they didn't look like the hypocrites they are and win the race on charges was the reason. OH, and of course, all the mounting CHARGES on Al Franken-bots needed not to apply!
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