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Share_Trader Nov 19
Replying to @KoosKanmar
Bear flag break and two retests of that break. We could end up going back to 44800.
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Whatsapp Broker Nov 19
Hi , when will you publish the DEC18 strikes on the again?
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Igor Marinkovic 3h
up 475 points so far Looks like traders are optimistic this morning. Not sure there are too many reasons to be optimistic right now.
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Sanlam iTrade Online 3h
The ended sharply lower yesterday, with local markets recording their worst one-day decline since August, impacted by poor global sentiment. The slumped 2.59% to close at 51,068. Morning Digest here daily:
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Neil Savy 21h
Another 1000 point slap on
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Petri Redelinghuys Nov 14
Replying to @Swayam_Maharaj
Got pretty damn close
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Dieter Nov 13
If the does not find the necessary support in the support zone and turn upward very soon, then I expect to see a further decline into the "Potential Support" area.
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Trader1137 Nov 8
Time for those "Markets in turmoil" tweets again
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AlgoTrading Jul 25
expect big gap up tomorrow
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Simon Brown Oct 7
US markets are closed today for Columbus Day
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Petri Redelinghuys Nov 1
Do we sell it here?
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Bastian Etti 4h
Perfect 😊 - travels to Hamburg for an ERC NLS course
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Updated with the 2018/11/21 pivot and gap report for the DEC 2018 contract (FZI20 ALSI).
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Chris Brighton Oct 16
Can anyone say ? up 1.30% after being in the red for most of the day..
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Chartist Nov 14
Replying to @ALSITRADER
Yup and we buy the cause it follows like a puppet. 500 pts bagged. 11/14/2018 10:01:03 AM20 DEC18 ALSIB145435
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Petri Redelinghuys Nov 8
Currently I am a little conflicted about a situation…. one system is giving a pure rules based technical long on the , while another more subjective way of identifying technical setups is signaling a short…. both on daily timeframe.
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Shouty Jul 10
We are having salad for dinner so I’ve also decided to have a bottle of wine as well😬
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24K Magic Nov 8
When the bears take control, it's blood, and guts hanging from trees as far as the eye can see.
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Daniel Airey Jan 10
Tencent down 2.42% this morning and with a strong zar , the zarnpnsi will have a weak open.
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Andre Pretorius Jul 20
. The name of the game today ===> patience
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