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Royal Botanic Garden 7h
Replying to @Hiddanas @RBGSydney
We love your photo from Plants with Bite! Mind if we repost it giving you credit? Tap reply making sure to include and if we have your permission.
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Replying to @marclamonthill
As a Member of the Nation of Islam, under the Leadership of the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan, I just want to say, Much Respect to you, Brother Marc, for your Integrity and Courage. We're not going to on everything, until God Settles the Affair. is not
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jerrilyn schembri 12h
I was thinking this earlier while watching the news.
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God Will Bless Those Who Bless Me 1h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
I couldn’t more!
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Vote November 6th Oct 19
Replying to @mamash_6
This was the most random tweet I’ve seen, had to read the other ones 😂
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Jerry K. 14h
Dr Bremmer has something here.
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Scott Tallent 1h
Replying to @GaryRose4UTVols
This bothers me, Rosie! You’re normally all positive, but my God?!?
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Minicar♧Found 14m
This is !! Love that it no . for my 4 year old and he it. I can with that it is hard for them to lock it in , but the is the $$
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hummus 🎃 Oct 19
Replying to @brimattia @lizmulaski
Even though I
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Annie Altman 3h
WTF is this kid thinking?! 😂😂😂
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Heroic Hope Oct 19
Song on radio: “We are younggggg” Radio station 99.3: “No! No! We are old & tired!” #99.3
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Nathan Preston Chandler Oct 19
i with this woman. She is right on. ALL WHITE and ORANGE PEOPLE ARE BAD!
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Sailor Jerry Oct 15
Replying to @PropagandaBrum
Gotta share this! Would that be alright with you? We’d make sure you were credited for your work. Reply if that’s alright. Terms and conditions: Cheers!
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Sujata Amitabh Kamal Oct 16
Absolutely Right Poonam. with you..
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Dickies® Oct 18
Awesome photo, . Would you mind if we featured your photo on our site? Respond with if you agree. Terms & Conditions:
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Legendary Whitetails Oct 10
Replying to @BmNation
We’d like to feature your tweet! To agree, reply with . T&Cs:
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Val Uchendu 24m
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💯🥇🐾👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ ? 💫 ❗️💯❤️” Everyone Have a Story🎯💯 Everybody Has a Book to Write ♠️👑” 💫
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Young Chin 13h
Everyday 🚫🧢 on 💯💯💯 💯💯💯 💯💯💯 must Raus Clot Dead Str8
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Examsegg Oct 12
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