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Joseph Robertson Jul 8
Replying to @thehill
is an agent of lawlessness, working to pervert our system of democracy. He has lied under oath, acted to protect foreign attackers & has made himself illegitimate. He must be removed from office & face prosecution.
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Heroes Media Group 19h
Did you know? 1,700 people arrested by the Justice Department for child porn and child sexual abuse crimes.
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❄️😎❄️ Uncle John 6h
Perhaps that even though has ordered SDNY from continuing the campaign finance case, maybe the New York State Attorney General can pick up those elements of the case that are covered by New York law & immune from interference
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Patti Coppersmith 13h
Replying to @mog7546
Except that fat bastard is probably already on the case redacting anything that has to do with the Dotard. He's the new "mob fixer" for trumb.
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Oversight Committee 8h
Congress voted to hold and in contempt of Congress for defying bipartisan subpoenas and withholding key documents regarding the ’s illegal pretext for adding a citizenship question to the . Check out Chairman statement here:
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Hugh Hewitt Jun 27
Conservatives coiled to condemn Chief Justice over citizenship question need to focus on this incredibly important, far reaching and absolutely correct decision. If sets to work, a citizenship question can be added w/ explicit rationale ASAP.
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Faith M. Jackson 9h
US House Holds and Sec. Ross in Contempt Over Census Question
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Milsted Langdon 13h
's share price plummets after For advice on matters relating to , speak to Tim Close
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Steve Cohen 10h
This Administration is engaging in a deliberate and widespread cover-up. Today the House will hold and in criminal contempt of Congress for defying subpoenas. Congressional subpoenas are not optional.
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DeplQRable Jun 26
Replying to @prayingmedic
Wonder if we could get him to lead the rats out of DC like the Pied Piper!?!?
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Oklahoma Economist Jul 9
is killing it. Keep up the great work.
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Tort Master Jul 5
We need whistleblowers AFUCKINGSAP. is asking career lawyers to lie for the orange traitor weasel again regarding the census. This after he had DOJ lawyer argue migrant kids needn't have soap. (1)
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Umpire20 Jul 8
Outrageous! isn't personal Attorney. He lied to Congress and should be Impeached
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Miss Myrtle Resists Jul 8
Amen to that. , You Sir, have turned America & into a spectacle - a treasonous public spectacle. ⚖️The Republic Will Stand!
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Patti Coppersmith 16h
Replying to @Mimirocah1
Trumb and his co-conspirator need to be out of the picture for anything to happen. Epstein will be protected to the fullest extent of the law. Terrible when you can't trust your government to do the right thing.
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Miss Myrtle Resists 6h
Replying to @MaddowBlog @deAdder
2. Also tomorrow at , the Judge in the case, releasing testimony as Matter of National Importance. was appointed as SDNY's investigation into financials went full tilt.Did interfere?
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Rep. Jimmy Gomez 9h
described adding the to as “contrived.” I.E., Forced. Artificial. Manufactured. False! & refuse to cooperate w/ to discover the truth. That’s why I voted to hold them in contempt of Congress. Watch ⬇️
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Patti Coppersmith 14h
Replying to @eorden
is working feverishly to shut this whole thing down.
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NV Tech Exec 16h
Not even the corrupt can keep up with crimes. What a shitshow in the
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Rita S Jul 16
Replying to @TheRickyDavila
is a traitor. He is not our AG, he’s lapdog
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