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J₳son Bluezy Sw₳rtz Nov 22
Buckle up Cardano hodlers 🚀
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DOLCA ⛏👑⛏ Cardano Stake pool $ADA 21m
10th created block with and 3rd of 3 scheduled in epoch 231 had nice transaction volume over 2M ADA 💪
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GodFather Crypto 4m
👉🏼 Update every two weeks.. ✍🏼 LIVE AMA’s with and the team.. 🧠 mind blowing vision.. This for me will always be the project I’m in for life ❤️
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TricahuePool Nov 25
1/3 The Tricahue Pool continues on tracks! My lifeline was this last block that I signed plus the ADA price increase, this allowed me to raise enough funds to rent a VPS in Canada for a year.
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Phú Cardano Nov 19
To send more than $61k (579k ), it costs only $0.076 for transaction. Which network is secure & Fee is cheaper than . We are in finalization phase, when is released, project will be welcomed by many partners. People who catch up with trends are always success
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Cardano maximalist 13h
Happy NEW Daedalus with Ledger and Trezor support
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Casey_MN Nov 23
Constant reminder. Greed is the poison. Patience is the remedy.
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🇨🇭 Investment Stake Pool - "000" Nov 21
No blocks for this epoch, our luck can't always be 150% 😀 Double checked that. Well, next epoch then. Can't wait for network parameters change.
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TecConcept Nov 19
More one good news to family. ada/EUR directly
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Alastair Kimbell Nov 22
Replying to @CardanoDan
My take for what it’s worth . The market seems to love a hard fork . Had this with the Shelley hard fork , the last time was $0.15 . Great thing is that there are 3 coming up , each with more functionality . The future is bright .
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Ad Astra Stake Pool Nov 24
Whoa! Go / Well done, everyone! It's only beginning!
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Nemo Singularitarian 7h
I love this stack. Wondering if anyone is swinging the combo.
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Pieter Nierop Nov 22
Just hit this years highest daily volume on Kraken. Still an hour to go.
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Basim Al-Lawati Nov 23
is going bonkers again , my bags are happy 🚀 100% in 60 days
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ADA National Network Nov 19
The ADA National Network seeks greater implementation of the ADA across the country. We do this through the hard work of our regional centers and powerful contributions from the community. Read about some of our success stories below:
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|Venus| Fresco Pool Nov 18
Every program. languange you learn, the first thing you do is a hello world challenge... Similarly in 3d printing/makers space, the equivalent of that hello world challenge would be to make your custom maker coin My 1st 3d printer should come tomorrow, the coin is done 🔥
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ADASourland Nov 21
ADA ist climbing up the hill - But nope, I'll stay in
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entertheroach Nov 18
Replying to @aricarith
Diversify! $5k on & $5k on 👍
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🏳️‍⚧️ Ethan/Gavin // 🎮🎬🎼 Nov 20
finally decided to try out chibi art, and i couldn't think of a better character to start off with. im a little rusty since im just starting out but it turned out way better than i was expecting!
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level8 |「eve」 Nov 23
sold more for more . at this point I’m worried I’m going to start selling for . 😭
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