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Anne Louisianne 4m
Replying to @CNN
is garbage. Anything in the private sector that our govt touches turns into glistening, steaming dog crap instantly. Keep out of my medical care!!!
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Louisiana 5A 2h
I spy other La5Apes... let me know who I missed. I know you will 🙄🙄🙄🙄
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Famous68 5h
Replying to @SenCortezMasto
Cortez look into a mirror it was your party who passed that pig 🐖 of a bill 💵 called your party lied to all the citizens of our great nation up to and including your supreme leader Obama so get over it
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Nuclear-powered Australian 18h
A bogan get rich quick guide there. Could have thrown in the "When on the road, brake quickly so someone rear-ends you and you can get money!" Already see bogans get their kids to shoplift stuff for them because security won't touch them.
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Punani 18h
Pinky finger injury...and she gets 45, wonder insurance costs are skyrocketing
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Anupriya 7h
The requires insurance to cover procedures with USPSTF Grade B it above w/o cost sharing. Grade C for , Age 40-49 would mean estimated 17 million women would lose access to cancer screening at no cost. successfully and continues to push back!
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Anna M Shepard 3h
The care received from my doctors/meds, provided by the
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Solo Citizen❌ 8h
Replying to @GovEvers
They are not. But premiums skyrocketed with
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Lyra Ives 6h
this is your precious still screwing us . We need NOW!
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Mac 22m
Replying to @dbly
In case you didn't notice, insurers are still issuing rebates to individual market consumers for not meeting the medical loss ratio threshold - about $800 million in excess premiums for 2018 It was former Senator Al Franken who added the to
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Got Milk? 18h
15 minutes in and we have had two reports *cough* advertisements: 1: Lawyers suing government for injured kids 2: McDonalds Really high bar
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Margaret Nielsen 6h
Poll: Many Rural Americans Struggle With Financial Insecurity, Access To Health policy essential in reports on southern rural healthcare. Southern GOP governors & legislators refused funds to to low-income workers.
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Laurie 7h
Still wondering how changes to the Affordable Care Act will impact you or your employees? has the Straight Talk in his series on changes to the .
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simo 19h
Fucking harassing criminals parents again. Pure scum journalism Reid Butler.
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Joe C 🇺🇸 5h
Here's what's wrong with the . (These are the insurance plans one doctor does NOT accept.) Moreover, if you pay out of pocket, you will be billed the "rack" rate, not the insurance-negotiated rate.
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Kate Petersen May 19
off by a week/still relevant: here is my cool mom drinking her very first lager, and the next day with her very second one while I write a postcard to John McCain to thank him for his vote on Graham-Cassidy, to leave in place the Affordable Care Act. Keep reading & writing!
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Swamp Fox 17h
. is mostly hack attorneys trying to kill , writing multiple legal opinions supporting the Muslim ban, advising private citizens and corporations to defy subpoenas, defying at least one court order to reunite families on the southern border. What else?
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Joe Corder May 20
Replying to @SpeakerPelosi
The is a train wreck....and it’s finally coming to a stop..
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Consumers for Affordable Health Care May 20
MaineCare (also known as Medicaid) has new eligibility guidelines, which means 60,000+ Mainers are now eligible for free or low-cost health care. Call our FREE HelpLine to learn more: 1-800-965-7476. You can also apply online here:
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The Real News 10h
After passed the insurance industry still was beholden to Wall Street's financial expectations, leading them to find new ways to avoid paying claims according to
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