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Carl Boucher 20h
Yellow vest convoy: - 30 trucks show up out of an "anticipated" 2000. - They drive the wrong direction. I think that's all you really need to know about this "movement".
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Gary Chalmers 20h
Today in Notley brings 2000 new jobs to the heartland and Kenney argues that defrauding taxpayers is okay so long as you use your mom as a front to do it. One of these is the sort of behaviour I want from the person running the province.
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Diane Marie 8m
Mr. Bell, need I remind you that as a former president of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Mr. Kenney would have gone cuckoo over Mr. Kenney. The issue is not "lefties" or the "NDP Twitter Brigade" but whether Mr. Kenney broke the rules. The jury's still out.
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albertaNDP 3h
Albertans are still asking Jason Kenney for the truth about his residency scandal but this isn’t the first time he’s gotten into trouble for questionable claims... Like the time he flew on the taxpayer’s dime for his own partisan purposes.
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Diane Marie Jan 22
Had a brief meet with an otherwise totally professional City of Calgary employee who, at one point, said, "don't get me started on JT." Sheesh, it's a disease in this province. We need a province-wide Twelve Step. Perhaps there's a business opportunity in it.
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Cory Morgan Jan 22
Gil sure loves to put his ignorance on display. He claims that millions in foreign funding had zero impact. Gil, what do you think funded all those court challenges & protests that literally shut the whole damn TMX down? It had 100% successful impact you twit
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Wendy Mesley Jan 20
I talked to prominent activist , who works for one of the environmental groups that gets U.S. funding. She says their goals is to tackle climate change, and the funding is pennies compared to what Big Oil invests on the other side.
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Tracy Hudson 23h
Jason Kenney said today $25 Day Care is a pilot project so we'll have to wait & see. He said he's going to cap spending which means no extra funding no matter how many kids register 4 school. He said Health/Education need adjusting in spending. Sounds like pre NDP
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Real Grassroots 38m
Replying to @jkenney
Just pay the 30k back. You didn't rent/live in your mom's retirement residence basement. You used her address to milk us taxpayers. Show some humility, admit the wrongdoing, pay it back and then carry on. This won't just go away.
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Ann Bibby 4h
That Maxime Bernier is racisting at full volume today about "birth tourism" should be taken more seriously than it is because it's anti-immigrant undertones is a serious threat to our country.
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Irfan Sabir 1h
Tolls for roads and bridges work for Toronto, but they don't work for Alberta. Watch my video to see why Jason Kenney's suggestion to toll Albertans is bad for Alberta.
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Ken Robinson 11h
Wrong. The Premier should wait as long as possible. Policies are showing positive results. The pipeline will be approved. Employment continues to improve. UCP bozo eruptions continue...
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Gil McGowan 26m
How is it “deranged” to raise concerns about a politician falsifying records in order to get a benefit he wouldn’t otherwise be eligible to receive? This guy wants to be our next Premier. His actions in this case tell us a lot about his character and his judgement.
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#SHIFT Jan 15
This is the in Alberta working EXACTLY as designed.
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Take no Prisoners 2019 Andy 2h
You carry so much water for Kenney, you are gonna drown. The Water Boy...
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Tim 11h
Replying to @RachelNotley
Before the last 6 months, definitely not
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Oz 10h
Replying to @sunrickbell
Yeah, the “lefties” 🤷🏻‍♂️ .
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Badge of honor. Fuck David Stapleface.
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🇨🇦 Mike 🍁   ✍    🍁 50m
Conservatives should deal w/ their own exposures Andy like fictitious rent payments , falling down drunk MPs , And let's not forget about the dick pics , talk about exposure. Why would anyone in their right mind support the And then there's Ford.
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This Week in AB Jan 22
New Post: After reviewing all of the evidence, Kenney most likely didn't break any rules with his $10,000 a year living allowance.
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