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Chowkidar Ruchi Saraa 21h
Replying to @abpnewstv
I think can aswer precisely tht who, when n how helped nirav modi to flee? Who, when n how he was permitted for the loan? Stop playing cheap n stop being a cheap. Both n .
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चोकीदार सतवीर चौधरी Feb 18
Replying to @RealHistoriPix
news ....Innocent dekh lo tumhare
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KRK Feb 27
Hey dear anchors of Aaa Thooo on you all. You are playing with the life our soldiers.
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Keith Shireman, ATC Feb 17
Replying to @teamEN
Yes! New FTP today! 🚂🚂
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Chowakidar Rahul  Kumar Mar 18
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Shafiq Shah 23h
Issues has been missing in noisy slogan. Political rainy season has begun:. The frogs have come out of the house and the are doing tarrrr- trrrr , afterwards they will disappear for 5 years.
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चौकीदार संजीव 🇮🇳 भारतीय Mar 20
Replying to @IamSumanDe
We are aware that group's ideological and political leanings towards Congress.We also understand group's desperation like Congress to unseat BJP by hooks or crooks. You must also understand Indians are even more desperate to bring back Modi.Let's see who wins WE or CON.
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भूषण भार्गव Mar 15
Not only india but also the whole world need intellectuals like
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Nasir Khan Mar 6
As given options Republic & zee r the most propagandanist There r more on the list I think 90% mainstream media r not doing their work properly, justice doing chaaplusi
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Qaiser Feb 27
abi to humne kuch kiya b nhi or rona shoro hogia. we Pakistan we love
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Adv Ajit Shukla Feb 27
Boycott etc. Only Trust on Credible News Source Are DD &AIR. Plz🙏
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سمیرا Feb 24
Replying to @soliiivagantt
We Pakistanis are happy our Prime minister Imran khan begged to the Prince for the love of his people. Contrary to Pak PM, Pak liberals 🐕 beg to certain channels like and many more.
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Ray Mar 4
I’m pleased for the ⁦⁩, ⁩ and most of all AB voters. People deserve choice in who the vote for and the punishment in this case did not fit the crime.
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apoorva jha Mar 3
are all bika hua channels, coz they never show the truth like does. And so had also removed Punya Prasoon Bajpayee,coz they are so afraid of showing the truth. That is why I hate these channels and I only support
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Glastonbury Animal Save Mar 20
Our next peaceful vigil for cows at ABP Langport TA10 9HG. There is a free car park at the church. Please join us if you can! For more information check out our Facebook page, link in bio 🙏🏼🙏🏼💚💚
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Lee West Mar 9
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Stephen Colletti Feb 28
Replying to @DLLewis82
👏🏼👏🏼 Always be producin.
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Gaz Hitchin Ⓥ Feb 25
I definitely didn't see this coming! 😲
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jannes van loon Mar 5
looking forward to my guestlecture at the uva this afternoon: will try to explain what the municipality of Apeldoorn, real estate developpers and , and pension fund have in common..
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Chandrakant Mar 16
Hii, i want to tell you one thing Your whatsapp mazaś number starts from +49 15.... so people get confused whether it is indian or not 🤔 . . .
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