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Neena Mohan Sep 16
would’ve established “common sense health & safety buffer zones between oil & gas sites and homes, schools, and health-care facilities.” Unfortunately, voted No leaving her communities exposed to toxic chemicals used at these sites.
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CVAQ - Central Valley Air Quality Coalition Sep 16
CASenCaballero doesn't care about the health & safety of Central Valley communities. “Most of the oil drilling occurs in low-income communities of color" which "directly threatens the health of pregnant women and babies.”
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PSR-LA Sep 14
"It is especially disheartening that our senator ignores that the fossil fuel industry has converted our communities into sacrifice zones for the state economy." Shame on for her NO vote on .
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Petros the dear Sep 11
Then why did you allow for to shelf bill only to continue to leave communities like that of who had an oil spill this last week. Get it together.
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CVAQ - Central Valley Air Quality Coalition Sep 17
Check out this op-ed in on how sold out the San Joaquin Valley to the fossil fuel industry. "As constituents, we were disappointed to see joining Republican’s 'No' vote."
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Glen Dake Sep 14
Accountability is needed for this bad vote by on Do you want to live next to an active oil well that expels a variety of toxic gases and aerosols? We will remember.
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Sunrise Bay Area 🌅 Sep 11
Replying to @CAgovernor
Last week, CA Senators voted against protecting Californians from oil pollution . those same communities are breathing in oil pollution alongside wildfire smoke. We urge to make clean air & public health HIS priority
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RL Miller 9h
Replying to @GavinNewsom
and while Cal enviro justice folk are fighting an unholy labor/ Big Oil alliance re , a minor public health bill to establish setbacks, and state legislative Dems are on the sidelines... there's Newsom, also on the sidelines. Not doing anything. .
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Matt Almos Sep 14
Replying to @laurafriedman43
Yes, this was profoundly disappointing. I’d add to that list as well. Thanks for fighting for a sustainable future.
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Last Chance Alliance Sep 12
Thanks for this reporting on and , ! : You can't be a climate leader without addressing environmental justice. It's time to implement a health & safety setback separating oil wells from homes & schools.
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Andrea Leon Grossmann ☀️ Sep 12
The Democratic supermajority would also call themselves “green” and believers in , but could not even pass a watered-down bill to have health & safety setbacks for oil drilling & where people live, or regulate plastics!
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Fresno Sunrise Movement Sep 11
From where we stand, the answer to "Why not CA?" is because other Democrats in the Senate Natural Resources Committee like , , and joined Republicans to vote for Big Oil over the planet.
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Monica Mariko Embrey Sep 13
Replying to @monicaembrey
"Our big priorities didn’t make it to the floor of the second house, including  (Muratsuchi), which ensured regulation of oil drilling near homes... AB 345 faced heavy opposition by the oil industry and the unions that have labor contracts with oil and gas companies."
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