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PL Jul 7
Hey : my 91-year old father has been waiting at the gate all day through multiple delays for his flight 513 out of MPLS. Any information would be helpful and appreciated.
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Brian Jul 14
maybe this will get your attention about flight roc to CLT. Please help!!! !!! No information. 4 hours on this plane and no info!!! How do I get home safely?!? This is crazy!
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Susana Rinderle Jul 6
9 days since incident, 8 days since claim filed, 5 days since robotic ticketing agent said she couldn't do anything to make this right and 6 days since I filed a complaint. No acknowledgement, no reply, no explanation.
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Rod Schimko Jul 10
My 5:20 flight to Miami changed planes, gates for 4th time . 10:00 now still waiting for another plane that may or may not work. in Detention Center. So sorry for all these families. Shame Shame Shame. Bottom line first, customers last
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Rick Chavez 20h
AA1556. Three hour delay from LGA to MIA because a low tire pressure and we can’t find a maintenance supervisor because it’s 7:00 pm and he is having his dinner. AA you are a joke. Get you s*** together
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Amy Ice Jul 10
At what point do you insist on an extra seat for large passengers? Not fair to my daughter who paid full price for hers only to be able to use half
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First Time Voter Jul 8
6 hour delay on AA 1698 from Miami to Charlotte. First plane mechanical issue, replacement plane mechanical issue. Red hair flight attendant made fun of my “foreigner” accent when I ordered Prosecco. My first class experience with AA.
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American Airlines Jul 10
Replying to @ElleMulenos
We're so happy Kim was there to help! We appreciate you reaching out, and we'll share your kind words with her leadership team.
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American Airlines Jul 8
Between takes at our shoot in Nashville, our shared who they Stand Up for. Now, it’s your turn! Donate $25+ today and rewrite the skies by adding a loved one’s name to our official plane.
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American Airlines 9h
Replying to @joshdtarter
We have an AAmazing !
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Angie Stallbaumer Jul 6
Replying to @AmericanAir @AviolusT
So many people need assistance. Trying to be patient and awake. Been on hold for 4hrs 45 mins. I’m sure too many tweets to keep up with but how do you decide who to respond to with this 24/7 service? Seat on a flight opened up but can’t get help.
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American Airlines 8h
Replying to @vinceromanelli
We so appreciate your kind words for our ! We'll pass this along.
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Kate Anderson Jul 14
Replying to @katesabroad
I’ve spent 1.5 hours on phone and can get no accommodations for this pretty significant error. Can anyone working today be more help than the unempowered people who answer your phones? 2/2
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Haewon Jeong Jul 9
Replying to @chochonan
I can tolerate delays. It happens all the time at airports. But, putting passengers on a deadly plane? NOT ACCEPTABLE People were enraged.
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American Airlines Jul 15
Replying to @Next_Advisors
You're very welcome! That's what we're here for. We'll pass along your thanks to our .
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American Airlines 19h
Replying to @mikeclark206
Congratulations on your first grandbaby! We appreciate you recognizing our and will share your compliments with them.
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American Airlines 2h
Replying to @garyanagrande
We're absolutely thrilled hearing Adriana took really good care of you yesterday! We'll forward this to her .
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American Airlines Jul 15
Replying to @manolo_almagro
Good morning! Our is there to make a trip smoother. We'll pass along your thanks.
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American Airlines 17h
Replying to @NHRAReinhart
Woohoo, this is music to our ears. We're glad our took extra effort to take care of you today!
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Ashley R 21h
Replying to @AmericanAir
help a lifelong customer out?
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