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Susie Davis Nov 12
🆘🆘CODE RED Nannie 6mo hw+ A dream pup with super manners,adores ppl & affection,sits right by yr side & loves being petted!Pretty & a sunny disposition!The perfect pet! IN GRAVE DANGER-SHELTER IS FULL & SHES URGENT a
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Susie Davis Nov 21
NANNIE IS SAFE! ❤️❤️🎉🎉 Thanks to Pawp Culture Dog Rescue Pledges/donations to PAYPAL; Pls ref: Nannie Thank you to everyone who shared/pledged for her😊 See Freedom ride pics😍
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Susie Davis Nov 14
🆘🆘OVERLOOKED Nannie 6mo dream pup! Few shares/pledges, stuck in a packed shelter! This girl is adorable! How can she still be waiting for a home😩Come on Step up & save her life before it’s too late!!
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ℳ𝒪ℛ𝒢𝒜𝒩🌹 Nov 14
🆘🆘 🚨 6mo Is getting no attention & with the SHELTER so OVER CAPACITY this is detrimental to her safety & her life! If this continues she will not get to see her 1st birthday💔Plz Help-WHO ELSE DOES SHE HAVE?
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flothepotter Nov 14
Please RT and save little Nannie, just a puppy-
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