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iSixSigma Apr 2
Someone asked: "Why do 5S [sort, simplify, shine, standardize, sustain]? It’s just going to get dirty again." -
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Kwame Brako Apr 3
Good initiative but it needs to be standardized, else we'll go back to square one 3days after lockdown
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Visual Management Technology Apr 2
Keep your workplace spotless & tidy - Check out our Cleaning Stations at
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TXM Lean Solutions Apr 3
Act your way in to a new way of thinking with and
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[Free Download] - The Myth Buster
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Beaverswood® - Making the workplace work smarter Apr 1
NEW Modulean® Shadow Boards 🔘 Hand Sanitiser Station 🤲🧼🧴 🔘 Eyewash and Accident Station 👁️🔥☣️ Please note: Limited stock available. Contact us for details: 📧 📞 +44 (0)1189 796 096
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Silvia Sardone Mar 30
⛔️ E' grazie e che ci ritroviamo questa commissione europea ⛔️ È grazie a loro che abbiamo una che ci ha negato respiratori e mascherine ⛔️ È grazie a loro che ci vogliono costringere a parametri e vincoli E hanno pure il coraggio di lamentarsi di chi han votato?!?!
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IMEC Apr 1
Thinking of ways to improve productivity? Play the game with your team to learn how to use 4 of the 5 S's (Sort, Straighten, Standardize, and Sustain) to improve your and !
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Morphis Tsalikidis 6h
What has been your experience in deploying 5S? Which were your biggest challenges?
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Sullivan Scollay 14h
Replying to @RossThedeTR
I'll take 3
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TXM Lean Solutions 17h
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Jeff Fludder Apr 4
Replying to @yashar
I’ll keep 3 please
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Christian HOHMANN Apr 4
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Kelli 🎗 Apr 3
I want three . Literally had a zebra cake every day of senior year of HS. I had a vocational class at another school & made it back just in time for last lunch but all lines except the grab & go lines were crazy long. I'd grab a chicken patty & zebra cake every day.
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Rini Das Apr 3
Work practitioner and sensei Congresswoman 👏🏾👏🏾👇🏿
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Kwadwo Frimpong Apr 3
u aa do make your boss loose Epain me waa😡Itel foc no de3 s3 omoani nna hc nti wode3 fa omosika no tc nsaase but competition like this man over ever android trust me Man U no try koraa like Borow some bro in 4S koraa Ibi nice pas itel😡😡😡🙏
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Amazing Gaming Productions Apr 2
I love ! Not only have I been able to set almost every room of our home in order, getting rid of all the things we don’t need and shining it up. The apartment feels so amazing!
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Christine Torres Apr 2
5S is a great method to establish early and review often!
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Chris Mar 31
Replying to @ScottHanson
Warner can’t pick 2 ! No! Then make it top 6 😂😂
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