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J - Your Friendly Neighborhood d3m0n0id 7h
Replying to @Drexl_Raz
Actually, I just started a new playthrough of RDR2 because and and is a whole new experience.
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shawn espinoza Sep 19
Our brand new 75” 4K HDR tv! @ Shawns Place
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Kiefer Blaq Sep 20
I can't believe how good looks on my monitor with
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JoelsterG4k Sep 13
Xiaomi vs VAVA battle of the 4k UST laser projectors, new video comparison coming soon 😎😎
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codydesigns Sep 15
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Matteo Michilli Sep 17
Replying to @SkySport
Ora è perfetto. Grazie
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oneinchpixel 15h
John Wick 2 4K steelbook and it’s a beauty. Bright vibrant matte finish with the ‘John Wick’ text debossed and the number 2 embossed. God knows why @zavviuk didn’t send JW1 our first though? 🤦🏻‍♂️
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avvalue_official Sep 15
<<ลดแล้วลดอีก! จัดไป!!>> 🔊ซาวด์บาร์ 2.1ch รุ่น HT-X9000F รองรับ Dolby Atmos จาก Sony 🛍รับโค้ดส่วนลด 500.- ‘AVHTX9000’ Sony HT-X9000F
 ช้อปเลย >>
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Digital-Sat News Sep 13
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