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Vance Outdoors 4m
Here are our Sunday Firearm Deals! Can't Miss Prices on , , , , and rifles and pistols. These prices expire January 31st, 2019.
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Drew Jan 10
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Mateo 🛠 51s
Replying to @tsegerblom @rgj
Meanwhile, the white, greater size of beautiful Yerington population feels like fuck we have we can shoot the deep state fake news about our poor health straight down the line to rapture.
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DawnpmRN Jan 18
This is why we have the !
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RollBamaRoll 2h
Replying to @jdlite5701 @NRA
Most people that open carry have the guts to use it. I wouldn’t test them.
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OldSkool Jan 10
Replying to @SenFeinstein
This completely goes against our right. No matter what law u lying, cheating, stealing politicians make on gun control, it will only encourage people to buy them more.
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Steve T. Jan 12
It’s a sad shame how true this has become. Protect yourself and your loved ones.
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Deanne Hall 22h
Watching which in itself is unusual but what drove me to tweet about it is the hypocrisy they have as women who are surrounded by armed guards telling me they don't want me to have a gun. So, they can be protected from criminals but I cannot?
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Stacy Pace 16h
Upgraded my Christmas present to this right here! The other ones trigger was too hard to pull. Can’t wait to shoot it! Thanks baby!
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Dj Omega Supreme Jan 11
But they don’t want to take our right to protect ourselves away. I bet her security will still have the same gun she wants to take from us.
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RackAttack🎱❌ Jan 10
Replying to @Tactical_review
"shall not be infringed" "shall not be infringed" "shall not be infringed" "shall not be infringed" Ya know what the problem is here? We haven't IMPRISONED THE TRAITORS that swore oaths to UPHOLD that and then decimate it!!
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Mike Kemp Jan 17
Am I On The Antifa Hit List? A little post to ask for help from my conservative friends, and to provide a little entertainment to my Leftist friends. And I do sincerely hope that I have both conservative ... , ,
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Michael Heady Jan 16
I don’t understand why these liberals and democrats are wanting to take away firearms. Firearms are the reason they’re able to bitch about not wanting them. That’s what gave them the right to freely speak out against them. Why take away what gave you your right?
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Singh 14h
. do NOT confirm William “secret courts to decide our constitutional rights” Barr
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Ken Medina Jan 18
Just in time for the weekend, got this .300 Blackout finished up and ready to go for the first time. Ca Compliant Fixed Mag thx to Juggernaut Tactical Hellfighters on all 3 simply the best.
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Guwap Jan 19
Finally stopped fuckin around and got my lifetime concealed carry permit so here in a few weeks ill be packin my gun legally for the first time in 3 years😂😂🇺🇸🇺🇸🤘
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Replying to @kcranews
Awesome! Great job home owner
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William Bergstrom Jan 14
Replying to @wpbergstrom
We have to stand up for our rights
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Lemme Get This Straight Jan 18
you claim to be so pro second amendment but you want common sense gun control whine constantly trying to discredit and destroy the . I'd love to debate with you😈Real shit. DM me👌🏼✌🏼
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Mary Lou Bolger 13h
Replying to @laurynjewel @mkb09876
But you’re pro at any cost to life or limb 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
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