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Monish Corona 9h
Honestly, the update was one of the best thing that ever happened to Twitter. I feel like I can finally complete a lot of my thoughts now. I don't know how I ever did it with only 140 characters before.
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Brades Bertrand Jun 13
I like tweeting. Even though no one follows me. Somehow, apparently, a lot of people see my tweets. Then look at my profile... weird... Anyways... I'll prolly tweet again soon. Ttyl with som o'demme 2 hundered and ate-tee characters. Btw I just realised this is 280
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POOJA... Jun 18
Lets use the to share our services at a GLANCE. Talk to us for; - Social media activation. - Fans Engagements/Mobilization. - Content creation (social & short videos). - Events coverage (Brands related). - Brand's Presence Optimization. LET US EXPOSE YOU!!!
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Siddharth Mohite Jun 12
Amazing session by of on & the importance of
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Ben Nizan Jun 12
Replying to @BenNizan
Han was caught in a compromising position by the press. Quite literally with his pants down. No red hands but his cheeks weren't so lucky. In a toilet, how gauche. His agent would be displeased. Yet despite the camera, he had to finish. Seafood; never again. 69/280
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Replying to @jack
Check out Tweetures for dorsey; previous two tweets totaled , on FB:
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Matt Channing Jun 19
A great morning for 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 also my 1st tweet in over a year. New to
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Secular Saint Jun 18
I used to hate . I though it was a terrible idea. In fact, at one point I actually swore to myself I'd never adopt it. I don't know what I was thinking. These days, I'm back where I used to be with : Most of my posts are exactly as long as possible.
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Matt Key Jun 18
Replying to @p_chill80
Haha, I ran out of room for the positives - wasn’t enough! Should seal the deal this half... we hope!
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Amos Goodman Jun 17
The unctousness is to be expected, but jeez gents -- in particular -- can't you get to the *%#$? point? If went to , did go to 28000?
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Rob Beiley Jun 15
Even isn't enough to do justice to my memories- but transfers did transform homes and lives for the better
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