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Ttest Feb 19
Now that we all have , we expect your Twitter complaints about specific calls against your favorite teams to be calm, well-reasoned, and full of complete sentences. Thanks in advance for this positive step forward in basketball officiating-related discourse." helloa
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Just spent time scrolling through my Twitter Profile feed. I remember a time before 11/7/2017 when you could not tweet more than 140 characters. I also commented select responses to myself. It felt good to reminisce! Now time to "Keep Moving Forward"! - Walt Disney
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poorly simulated zachary Feb 17
I die this ###### thing fully went now uwu do you
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So-Occasion now Feb 20
Keep your words to a minimum - especially if writing ! !
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Christine 👩🏻‍🏫 M. 🔆 🔰 Feb 19
Subtly, I'm not a fan of because longer text gets ignored. In Principle: Less said well is exponentially better.
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So-Occasion now Feb 14
for those who cannot master the language in a concise way.
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OCCUPY THE 1% Feb 22
Replying to @jack
Check out Tweetures for dorsey; previous two tweets totaled , on FB:
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Jacob Feb 14
Replying to @Bummmierose
There’s water in the quarry so you’re gonna want to wait until the inside of the cabin of the car is full in order to open the windows. Then you gotta swim to the shore and strip naked. It’s cold outside and wet clothes don’t help. Calisthenics help raise body temp
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Carlos Feb 17
Replying to @derrickdmv
I’m not mad; emotions only rise when I know and care about the person. My observation comes from pitchfork behavior I’ve seen. I find Twitter to be quite interesting. U can learn a lot about folks from
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Shubha Sarma Feb 21
On find too many ppl turning . As if one HAS to like/tweet/agree/disagree on everything 'Coz can never be enough to tell you the WHOLE But then, this itself is being judgmental!
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Kinetix Feb 19
The new Twitter camera will make things easier for those who don't always know what to say in or less ,
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I am ToRe 🎙️ Feb 21
You should join too! My username there is the same as here. Welcome to restricted text social media only.
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Super Débile Feb 20
c'est pas assez 😜🤪😜🤪😜
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Sixt France Feb 17
Nous ne pouvions pas tous les mettre 😇
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Beltway Panda Feb 15
Replying to @AOC
// “spend on politics” means donations to candidates, PACs, & parties PLUS amounts spent on issue advocacy. A special interest group may be the exception to this rule, as they don’t often pay much taxes 🇺🇸
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