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Shawn Pursley Aug 13
Replying to @Kasparov63 @elite99thc
Give it time.
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LisaShep 2h
Replying to @KatrinaPierson
I like that... !!
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Cal Weaver 11h
Promising thought ms and predictions for 2020 - good news for Blue, counting - of course - on a big turnout.
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Jon “Bowzer” Bauman 7h
Everyone must understand that the objective of the white supremacists’ activities is ONLY to create this narrative.
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Warren/Castro 2020 Aug 15
You down with this, ? If so, you’re a racist.
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Meagan Braganca Aug 9
Replying to @APIenergy
And it’s all Trump’s fault.
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Jess Aug 16
Too bad you consistently vote to gut the ACA and other healthcare programs in place that help people with autism You're a fraud Thanks for reminding me to donate to
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Travis South Aug 16
Even Obama Told Biden Not to Run for President, in the Nicest, Way Possible: “You Don’t Have to Do This, Joe”
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Can't Be Passive Aug 8
"...the goal of the inauthentic [] accounts is to highlight and inflame existing [racial] tensions to destabilize America... The real goal is to get the conflict off Twitter, to get it into the streets,...”
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Erin Golden 8h
Replying to @JohnBrennan
and we will rid ourselves of these disgusting politicians... starting with Trump and McConnell... and picking off senators and congressman everywhere.
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juliekaye67 Aug 15
Replying to @DemGovs
EW for Potus with PB for VP
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gazza Aug 14
U might want to learn math and how satistics work How many years were you held back in school I'm guessing afew because nothing you say makes sense which pretty much sums up trumpets
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Cal Weaver Aug 15
I’m with Carl. We are living in historic times, and I, for one, am ready for a change!
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Erin Golden 9h
I can’t wait to slam the door in the face of TRUMP’s AMERICA.
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Elizabeth Fenimore Aug 12
Hey thanks a LOT, dumbass. THANKS SO MUCH for taking good care of our country, of our environment. (sarcasm) YOU SUCK as a leader. YOU SUCK as a human. YOU just SUCK. Such a LOSER.
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Triana Arnold James Aug 11
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Melek Ortabasi Aug 13
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Robin Leigh Aug 13
Replying to @robinskyleigh
The pseudo-fascists growing stronger by the day would love nothing more than to take that away from us. The thing is, you guys, if we rose up together we could do ANYTHING. We could change the world. Will we?
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Will Foy Aug 15
I was pondering today: Why did Sarah Huckabee Sanders resign? And I thought, “Lucifer made her a better offer, and she figured interning for tRump prepared her well for the job.”
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Melek Ortabasi Aug 9
Replying to @SenCoryGardner
I think that Pyongyang knows that Trump is their lapdog
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