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Rouse High School Baseball Apr 15
Final week of District 17-5A Play for Rouse Raiders Varsity at Rouse tomorrow night 7PM vs Pflugerville Senior Night! - Join us at 6:30PM as we honor our seniors and what they have done for our program!
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Josiah Mar 14
Bell to the JETS 🏈👀👀 YES SIR !!
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Peyton 23 Jun 17
Also, won the draft. 4 VERY talented players.
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A-TRAIN Jun 25
One more for yall This one includes West Virginia, Way better highlight video!!!!!!!!
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John Swift Oct 23
Replying to @Mariners
We got this next year! !! !!
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Secola Edwards 28 Dec 17
"Complete domination now by ." My proving we should be in a New Year's Day bowl game. 💚
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Deb Anke Nicola Sep 3
you and the rest of the pitching squad have given us so much hope for next year. Great game.
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Joey Coglioni Dec 22
Replying to @TheAdamsEra
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