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🎗CATALONIA's PEACEFUL grassroots+govt. REVOLUTION Jun 23
2 DOCUMENTARIES in ENG by leading show the TRUE ➡️ 2017 Referendum & ➡️ 2017 Protest the FAKE ➡️violence SP Supreme Court is basing up to 616 PRE-TRIAL PRISON on, for 9 democrat Catalan leaders
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🎗Xavier Dilmé #donecperficiam Jun 24
Replying to @thevocaleurope
is useless. Stop a war? They even couldn’t stop Spain assault Catalan voters on .
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jimkennedy Jun 20
The Spanish police officer who fired the rubber bullet that blinded Roger Español in one eye on has been identified at last. The police did not cooperate with the effort to identify the officer. One step closer to justice.
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John T. Clark Jun 22
Replying to @BenEmmerson1
Everybody saw what happened in in and Mr. . Nobody believes you.
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brendavinos Jun 21
The world needs to know how ashamed we are of what is happening in Catalonia today. I’m Spanish, I guess, because I don’t want to be part of this violence and nonsense.
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Ramon Ma. Saurí 🎗 Jun 22
The silence of the European leaders with , , etc. is already endangering EU. I hope that in this case act.
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jp Jun 16
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Vegas will take a stab any day because we can recover from that, we are still dealing with.
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🎗Diana Martin🎗 Jun 22
➡️This sentence reminds me in and how some Guardia Civil and Policia nacional members acted (🎥I was there as journalist)
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DretdefensaGirona Jun 15
We inform you that the witness statements of the police agents that acted against the citizens in on scheduled for next Monday 17th June have also been suspended and without following any criteria. We have filed appeal against everything. We go on!
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Owen Conor Doherty Jun 16
If only was the most barbarous day in the sordid history of the , but their list of crimes is long and contemptible
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🎗CATALONIA's PEACEFUL grassroots+govt. REVOLUTION Jun 22
Replying to @saribes
UPDATE 's deep dark state has an elected Govt& civilian , & forced exiles in 's against A VOTE: now known as SHOW FAKE trial on the mandate of The People of 👉⛔⚠️
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🎗CATALONIA's PEACEFUL grassroots+govt. REVOLUTION Jun 19
Replying to @KRLS @QuimTorraiPla
The Governments of Artur Mas & MHPs Puigdemont and are in PRISON, EXILE or PROSECUTED for standing by the yearly claims of The People & their parliamentary MANDATES, having valiantly enabled Consultation& 💛🎗
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TheH #FBPE 🇪🇺🍀🇪🇺 Jun 16
Bullshit!Ultranationalist government wanted&searched the violence of The only responsable 4this violence is ur identitarian gurú he could/should have aborted illegal at any moment!
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jaVme 🎗 2h
No era això companys, no era això.... L’abstenció d’ERC tomba la ILP per la independència
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Junts per Catalunya 🎗 4h
🎥 consellera : "És inaudit que setmanes després d'acabar el judici per l' no hagin començat a traslladar els presos polítics, igual que és inaudit que triguin dos dies i dues nits per fer-ho. El tracte que estan rebent és un càstig addicional i innecessari"
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No Brain No Future Jun 24
Cabo Palomeque (2019) : "¡Qué violencia padecimos el 1-O!" Una abuela me miraba mal... y le pusieron pegatinas al coche patrulla"
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Carles Santacruz Jun 24
No votar a favor de l'admesa a tràmit és no respectar el resultat del , és votar a favor del 155. Demana als membres de la Mesa del i que admetin a tràmit la . Fes RT 👇👇
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Marie-Christine jené Jun 23
Selon le très sérieux journal allemand Télépolis, "c'est la chancellière qui évita un bain de sang le jour du référendum du 1er Octobre... ".
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Galvany per la República 🎗 #CDR Jun 23
Avui amb la rebuda de La Flama del Canigó renovem el compromís amb el mandat de l' i reclamem la
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Junts per Catalunya 🎗 Jun 22
🎥 a : "Si la gent d'aquest país ho decideix, evidentment hi hauria de tornar a haver un . Perquè la solució als problemes polítics d'aquest país ha de passar per votar. La defensa de les llibertats, la dignitat i la democràcia es manté inalterable"
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