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Transparency Int'l Nov 5
"Fighting is not an end in itself. But there is a fight for social justice, for peace and for security." - Huguette Labelle, chair of the International Anti-Corruption Conference council and former chair of Transparency International.
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Sally Hayden Oct 22
Replying to @sallyhayd
Daphne's son Matthew speaking while collecting her award earlier: “The world has gained an example, it’s gained a role model.” This award and all of you is our answer to a car bomb.”
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Maggie Murphy Oct 22
I'm loving how beneficial-ownership-full the is - & I'm not even there! So much momentum, so many angles, so much progress over the last years.
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Transparency Int'l Nov 11
Did you miss the ? Here’s an article about the session “: golden ticket or get out of jail free card?” by ⁦⁩.
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Will Fitzgibbon Oct 23
Packed house for panel on using data to counter corruption and money laundering. Featuring journalist Petra Blum who has lived and breathed and for years. If there's a dodgy deal to be found, Petra will smell it out.
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Tomorrow, welcomes the world's biggest Anti-Corruption Conference
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Maurice Oniang'o Oct 25
Yesterday and I had a once in a lifetime opportunity; To read the Copenhagen Declaration at the closing ceremony of the International Anti Corruption Conference! Thank You for the opportunity. 🇱🇧🇰🇪🇩🇰
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Sally Hayden Oct 24
If there's anyone today at who works on Sudan or Libya, or on refugee issues in Africa, I'd be keen to speak to you. Some of my work:
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Transparency Int'l Nov 16
Cross-border investigations, like the , can help to hold the powerful accountable. But how do you go from a hunch to a successful investigation? Here are 5 tips from the .
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Interested in investigating cross-border illicit financial flows, tax abuse and corruption? Apply now for 's 5-day training courses in Jakarta focused on how to make you a better and more secure investigative reporter. Deadline 14 Nov
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Achim Steiner Oct 23
lost US$63.4B in 2 years through trade mispricing & other illicit financial flows--more than foreign aid & Foreign Direct Investment combined. came up with a creative way to help countries tackle this issue:
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Nikolai Astrup Oct 22
Great day at - The International Anti-Corruption Conference in . We need to curb the greed and plug the drain to achieve the ! Digitalisation can be a powerful tool in the fight against illicit financial flows and corruption.
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Kleptocracy Initiative Oct 26
"Collective action is what will bind our efforts together, and take us to victory – a world in which justice for all prevails and the corrupt and criminals are held to account." on
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Casey Kelso Oct 23
Electrifying moment in the when Sec Gen of asked “whether we have been far too polite for far too long when injustices are crying out for outrage, for mass resistance and a kind of public pressure never seen before.” He ended with a challenge to TI...
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UN Development Oct 23
Businesses & individuals pay an est. $1.5T in bribes annually around the world. From construction materials, food, unqualified workers, to trafficking--corruption compromises our health & safety. See 's remarks
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Global Witness Oct 24
This week 1500 anti- activists and experts are coming together at the to learn from one another and share successes and failures. The hot topic of conference? Implementing beneficial ownership ➡️A blog by our
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EITI International Oct 19
We're looking forward to attending next week! On Monday EITI Chair Fredrik Reinfeldt is joining 's panel on at 3.30 pm and we're co-hosting a session at 12 pm on combating risks in the :
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Maryam Alkhawaja Oct 22
’s speaking at the opening of the international anti-corruption conference says those activists fighting corruption have his utmost respect and support - my father, a danish citizen, was fighting corruption and has been in prison for 7 years
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Jubril A. Gawat Oct 27
"The cost of corruption is most acutely felt by citizens when essential services like health and education are not delivered, are of poor quality, or made too costly by bribery. This has a long-term impact on development outcomes." - Sr. Director Debbie Wetzel at
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Open Gov Partnership Oct 27
"Good governance is central to preventing corruption and the rise of non-democratic regimes." Yet only 43% of citizens trust their government institutions, according to a recent study. Some insights from this panel:
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