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Jemma Tilbrook 19 Mar 18
Officially the longest run I have ever done... If anyone is feeling generous, please dig deep I am running the Marathon this year for an amazing charity! :)
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Ant Southin Mar 17
So glad the weather improved to let me get my 17 miles in today. Slightly stiff now so I’m off to soak in the bath for a bit! …
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RunEatBeHappy Jul 20
Find yourself some friends who will wake up early on their Saturday to help you finish your long run! Final four miles with these two rockstars.
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Twenty Three 21 Feb 16
Replying to @de0190 @Runkeeper
good to see you earlier....I was dying 💨👍🏃
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Andrea Fonseca 15 Apr 18
Mais 27km pra conta e hoje foi com emoção ... 🚲🔝🌪😩 ...
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Mandi with an i 5 Oct 12
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