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Deb 18h
One of the greatest wins ever! surprised me w/ $$$$ bdy tkts, but find out in AZ our tkts sold from underneath us for $20K! Sad💔 but to be in AZ supporting our for BTB Superbowls... was worth the trip! Always be
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Tim Jan 17
G'day what is one kicker you enjoy watching at the college level, not punter but kicker?
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TheRoseCaptain 5h
My guy!
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VsTheSpread85 Jan 18
Replying to @AaronNagler
I get it's a QB league But how many of these decisions only cater to comfort? Is that the basis for all of these hires? Maybe it's the way it should be?
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The Urban Hobo 8h
So many great things about Marshawn but here's a few 1. Every current/former teammate loves him 2. Mentors other players on finances 3. Generous to his hometown (and Seattle too) 4. Doesn't say much but when he speaks he don't lie. did something right miss him
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Hijo de El Rey Jan 18
This weekend will be depressing for us . But let it be said, going into the playoffs without his beard was a BIG mistake!
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12 Survivors 6h
You don't get the full camping experience unless you're cooking outdoors! Check out this list of camp cooking essentials by our friends at Best in Bunch:
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Patricia Hilbish 👀‽ 11h
Ah...Marshawn Lynch making the and all of us who adore him so proud. He always speaks his mind and shows more patriotism & loyalty by his actions in one day than will do in his lifetime.
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Ezil Galoth  🖖🏽 🏈⚾️ 3h
Congratulations Bronwyn and thanks for a great season of cheers SeaGals! 💃
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I was there,... I am the one in the jersey,...hell Yeah great memory,... great team!
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Mike Seibert Radio Podcast Jan 17
That time when the Seahawks were in the playoffs and someone in our neighborhood was pretty excited with their decorations!
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JonesThe12th Jan 17
Rumors... Doesn’t make any sense and Seahawks would never spend 22mil$ a year on him... Specially when we still want to sign Clark, Wilson, Wagner and more....
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G.I Ent. (FIXED) Jan 16
Replying to @cuteziii
It's hard to control situations like these, especially with good looks.
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Ian Duval Jan 16
Replying to @fake_steinberg
Don’t get me wrong - I am not a fan of “forever a flame” concept but maybe they do that for Loob? Or don’t sully his name with that stupid cop out? Lol. Also - two in the rafters may also look weird. No matter you’re right. They need something for him.
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Keely Wenn Jan 12
Only really started watching this season and I’ve chosen as my team which I’m very happy about but how amazing is what an incredible athlete, very special talent
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hawks World order Jan 18
Welcome to The Emerald City, home of the & the !
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dim power Jan 16
Just waiting for a tweet to come in about how great it is that will be signed up. You know it’s gotta happen it’ll make watching the Super Bowl a bit easier knowing he’s rushing theses fools next year
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Timbø $lice™ Jan 16
Replying to @Lions @BrownMan_3
Good luck with that one. Sincerely,
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Big Dink Jan 14
We have all seen him, some wish they could be him, he brings the noise, and the clap of the can be heard through out the stadium!! Let's all give some big and birthday love to the one and only
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Randy Peppler Jan 13
Replying to @TomStrangward
You need a new team anyways. This isn't San Diego anymore. :)
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