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Kevin Karhan Nov 8
Also sites like rekings sold certificates that could bypass any protection on /Home/Pro/Enterprise, and won't trigger any administrative privilegues request or warning. For just $2,5k...
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Barry Chambers Nov 15
Mcvey took an opportunity to get out of a job she knew would make people hate her if she followed policies and a job she knew she wasn't competent to carry out. Rat jumping ship.
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Wired for Sound Nov 10
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Nibs  🇩🇪🇪🇺🇬🇧 💔 Nov 8
No, Alex, for sure it doesn’t. Back to my question . . Why do you disagree with him so much? Without insult? (and no, referring to your earlier question . .I think behaviour is 100% disgraceful)
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LFC Analysis Nov 12
Replying to @analysis_lfc
Insisting on this because it could still be reliant on transitions but not on controlling and finding the space for a pass or making the space for the pass. It will not be very different from what is being seen now. are being played at #8 anyways.
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ørçun Nov 15
Replying to @orcunturan
I’m happy to announce that my man is VERY queer
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Steve Robertson Nov 7
Pure forever.
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Britney&Taylor Outsold Nov 10
ok last time i checked we were talking about nicki but since you wanna bring up britney let’s talk about everything she has done this decade as a SOLO artist no features involved, starting off with femme fatale, the album went #1 and had 3 top and a #1
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Grant Nov 15
Replying to @simonhirst
My concern though is with Osborn/Cash who whilst doing admirable jobs for the team I don't see them as wide players in the Prem. They are or who if backed can perform those roles to see the best of them. Whereas Worrall/Yates have more set positions.
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@ThurrockLadies Nov 13
Know of any 7s or 10s tourneys? Attending any? Get in touch with so they can add to their calendar!
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Alex Cooke 22h
The King who became a Knight. Dalglish was my 1st hero. Back then it was skill, vision, humility as one of the best footballers of a generation. We call them now. He was so good he had #7 too. Since then,Kenny’s support to the justice campaign..well,give him all the numbers.
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matt Nov 10
Replying to @RobUsry
and don't kill any coaches or please.
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Lucas Palladino Nov 11
To think City play with two in the midfield and still are so good defensively is insane. Truly are next level. Bernardo, David and Fernandinho masterclass today 🔥💙
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¹Arsenal Bloke 📣 Nov 10
in preparation for todays copa libertadores I’ve been reading and remembering the times I fall in love with argentina and their river plate and subsequently valencia PS: I still admire riquelme and never thought I’d see someone better than maradona
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𝓐𝓵𝓲𝔂𝓪𝓻 Ձમ. Nov 13
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El Mudo Kevoni Nov 9
Replying to @SevillaKevoni
A move to Spain, France or Italy would help him thrive as there are a number of teams playing with and also he could learn new things and step up.
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✰ Rყαɳ ✰ Nov 9
Replying to @Rasheed1981
He’s a showboat bro simply put,one of the best in the game
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• A • E • 💫 Nov 14
reaction on the opposite team 😭😂
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Mpls. Swimming Nov 9
Good luck at sections tonight to our diver Sophie
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ᵍᵒᵈᵇʳᵃⁿᵈ Nov 8
Replying to @PrimeLampard
One of the purest in history ffss
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