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Khory Jan 19
Replying to @Eugene_okes @AFTVMedia
Emery don't like b2b or traditional
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Clubst⭐️R Jan 23
lobby ? Where you at. ?
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Haaris Dec 26
Knew we'd be playing like this with both our wingers who are essentially. Need someone like Martial or Sanchez who are decent 1v1 threats. Can only see us scoring from a setpiece.
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Marvin K 🤷🏽‍♂️👑 Feb 14
Take all the words out the insult book, that’s you rn !! Wtf 😤 waited 1hr 20m for the bus ( 5 ) should’ve come by but nothing. 🖕🏽
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RF9 🇧🇷 Jan 28
Replying to @AnfieldPress
We've been linked with many of these left footed , Demirbay/Ziyech/Fékir/Havertz I'd love Kai Havertz
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#Minichats ⚽️ Jan 30
Replying to @Landmind111
Agree. The shame is that Özil is well suited to last decade when #10's were more pure and could afford to be luxurious but modern game has slightly left him behind. are less talented and far more aggressive and adaptable (can play deeper).
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Aaron Pitters Jan 23
Replying to @tonywardle10 @RickSpur
He was arguably the best player in the MLS and the main reason Atlanta dominated MLS last season. He is by no means at the level of Eriksen but he is a better creative force than most in the and he is as fast as Lucas.
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⛈ Jan 10
Replying to @HF00TY
Not being used properly at Barca. He was top 3 ITW at Liverpool
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pill genia Feb 3
Can’t wait for Wednesday night to see live in Edinburgh and finally meet my hero
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Arto Häkkinen Feb 14
2/2 with a tweak to CM so that we’re not so prone to the tactics you mention (3-3-1-2-1 I guess). Aim is to make Grant & Zullo main source of width, play SdJ & Ninkovic more as pure , differentiate Brillante (#6) & O’Neill (#8) roles, & fit Tratt, Wilkinson & Warland in XI.
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Karny Jan 30
add NotoriousKarny for 10s rn
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Vaporr Us Dec 18
Anyone need 2 for 10s or I need 8 for tens lmk.
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+ × Feb 4
" are a dying breed". Yesterday Pep played two and we couldn't get the ball.
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Laufing Feb 6
Nice little 4 piece in CWL Search and Destroy 10s for the W
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Bosnian Tank Dec 20
Replying to @MannyAwo @RedLacazette
Ozil is not even in the top 10 in football history and that’s a fact. The best players change games which Ozil never does. Southampton is a perfect example.
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Ty Jan 17
Replying to @joeInCleats
Until some of the young develop. Rather dual 8’s and eventually into a pivot maybe 2 years down the line
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Kyle Mehaffey Jan 27
Looking to run some 10s lobbies (PS4) I have 3 with me, add me xKyleRage or comment @BlackOpsSponsor @BlackOpsSponsor
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Mike Adcock Jan 19
Meteo France La Reunion has upgraded into Tropical Depression Six with a central pressure of 998 hPa. The center of circulation is 515 km SE of Beira, Mozambique, moving toward the north at 9 km/h.
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𝑀𝒶𝓇𝒾𝒶𝓃𝓃𝒶 Jan 19
Bts could win 10 Grammys and get 83828271 in the US and fossil kpop stans will still bring up their faves throwing parties with Hollywood celebs and attending fashion weeks to invalidate their success
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