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Alice Wong Feb 15
Replying to @jenniferatntd
The video of serious leakage of Hospital in is actually the undelivered area of Hospital. Source:
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Wendy Wang Feb 13
We call it hospital while some western media call it " Camp".
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Jennifer Zeng 曾錚 Feb 15
Water leakage at Hospital in , built within 10 days (China Speed) to deal with the ever growing population of patients. One of the many scenes in during 十天建成的 漏水了 新冠肺炎
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Replying to @EvanKirstel
Much delayed compared to makeshift prefab hospitals in China made within 6 days and capacity of 500 pax...
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CIAspy 🌀 Mar 10
Replying to @SpokespersonCHN
Take a look at one of the lovely faces behind the mask of a Huoshenshan Hospital ICU nurse. She is saying "太丑了" (‘too ugly’)。
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Hiro Apr 13
of 2m (6.5ft) may be insufficient, analysts at Hospital in Wuhan found that aerosol may be airborne at distance of 4m (13ft); published in Emerging Journal;
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👶🏻Koi🎏 🕖🕑🕐 Mar 13
Replying to @plantsNbabes
It has been a month ago? Old news. I searched that fm Google but many r in Chinese..
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Pierre Markuse Jan 30
🟠 Huoshenshan Hospital, emergency hospital under construction, Caidian District, Wuhan, Hubei, 🇨🇳 30 Jan 2020 -2🛰️ Full-size ➡️
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lemondh Feb 3
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互联网的记忆 Feb 9
完工之后,一位建设工人的返乡纪实: “我们一下高速就询问要去隔离的地方,但一路上工作人员都不让我们下车,通过电话与我们进行沟通。后来我们才知道,要把我们和确诊患者密切接触的疑似者隔离在一起。”
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Destiny Feb 15
Replying to @niepanxinglai
漏水了,这里有视频 分享 @动机资本 的微博小视频 武汉今天的天气恶劣,低温,大雪,新建的火神山雷神山医院受到很大挑战 ...
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ryu. Feb 2
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刘亚勋 Feb 11
感谢 建工集团 张总现场照片:火神山医院病房区有我们大巨龙集团红珊兰品牌捐赠数百万元医用物资 目前投入使用, 白衣天使到位。
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y-ichimura Jan 27
Replying to @ariakigl07s
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渔翁 Feb 4
武汉火神山医院好似集中营?内幕实情大爆料!#武汉肺炎#中共集中营#小汤山医院#SARS萨斯#武漢肺炎#SARS小汤山#小汤山模式 via
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ピョートル4世@エールに澪つくしても芳根京子さんに囲まれたい😉 Feb 2
による肺炎患者を専門に受け入れる「」が、8日間の突貫工事で武漢に完成…あすから の医療スタッフ1400人が治療にあたる の専門病院が8日で完成 ベッド数1000床、医療スタッフは1400人
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소장골 환경피해 대책위 Feb 2
#都视频# 【最新视频,#建成进入倒计时】2月1日,武汉火神山医院建成进入“倒计时”,1650套集装箱已完成安装,4000平方米的活动板房骨架也安装好了,最新进展是正进行医疗配套设备安装,准备于2月3日投入使用。1日下午的火神山医院什么 ​​​
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WZ Feb 3
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🗽Willing⚔️Walless🇺🇸 Feb 5
Replying to @iingwen @WHO
能否一週建1000床醫院 台灣人作出了如下回應
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ryu. Mar 11
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