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wadachi Jan 16
From Jordan with a word
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الأولمبي 🇾🇪 Jan 14
•Houthi classifies himself as A Grand Guide Of Prophet’s Descendants •He‘s Chosen Leader by God& Prophet •Disobeying Houthi s as bad as works of Jews •Militias r Faithful Ones - Copy of Religion Houthi Exam (credit)
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🕊️south🥰Yemen✌🏾✌️ ✌✌🏾Kim الأفق Jan 16
Replying to @egl3000 @SouthHirak
I feel so sorry for you 😢💜🕊️ ✌🥰✌🏾 ♥ 🤞🏾 🤞😘 , - ;
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🕊️south🥰Yemen✌🏾✌️ ✌✌🏾Kim الأفق Jan 14
I askes you a lot of times support , 🙏 so do it 😊 , , , - they need you, to recover their country ----------------------------- 'both'------------
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Free #SouthYemen Jan 13
will succeed when the media tell the "full" story. Including how occupies, oppresses, invaded and massacred
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🇸🇦®حضرمي إتيكيت®🇦🇪 Jan 12
Want to know why there's a conflict in ? were given a choice: Unity or DEATH
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