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Päivi Laajala Feb 26
And how many came to school by bike in Oulu?
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Anders Swanson Feb 26
In all of Oulu. Geez. Alot. Too many too count. But the Finnish government knows, thanks to a National Household Travel Survey, something Finland does every few years and which Canada, bizarrely, does not do. showed me the stats for Oulu. Maybe he can share.
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Harri Vaarala
It’s 51%. Here are the year round stats for bike modal share (work, school and leisure trips). This is something unique we should be prod of.
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Karri Oikarinen Feb 26
Happy to be a part of that 22% riding my bike to work all year round on the well-kept routes (except on Fridays from August to May, because of old-timer ice hockey in the morning).
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Michel Feb 27
Wow , 51 % children and students cycling all year long in Oulu!!! what an accomplishment, the all cycling world envies you, this is something you can be proud of thanks for marvelous pictures and films from free flying kids on bikes
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