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Finally...a decision that benefits children! I’ll take it! Now I wonder what politics played a role cause there’s no such thing as a coincidence? Anyone think and made a deal? Or is BDB acquiescing to ?
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Scott Huffman Nov 28
Why do I support cancelling student loan debt for 45 million students? Because we canceled trillions in taxes for 600 billionaires. That's why.
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Robert Reich Nov 27
Jeff Bezos could give every Amazon employee $105,000 and still be as rich as he was before the pandemic. Instead he's denying paid sick leave to his employees — and has already subjected nearly 20,000 warehouse workers to Covid-19. Demand Congress tax the rich, and shop local.
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Jon Cooper 🇺🇸 Nov 25
I’m happy to see that President-elect has now passed 19.8 million followers. Do me a favor — let’s get him to 20 million by the end of Thanksgiving weekend!! 🍁
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30,000 collapse. I like the definition of collapse according to Donald Trump.
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extremely possible and highly likely since that's pretty much all that the donald attracts.
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Free coffee today til 1 pm! Sponsored by go check it out!
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Senator Tina Smith Nov 19
Look, I too once tried to save face by pretending to win something I had lost. Then I turned six. Start the transition.
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Replying to @kdcinq12 @elizashapiro
The goal is to flatten the curve! If it’s not a big deal, then close the actual entities that are spreaders. Why start with schools?
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📷 Supplements have been a regular discussion lately with family and friends…for obvious reasons! The discussion is mainly around what supplements do you and your kids take? Well, here’s the whole supplemental gang that we take now and...
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Valerie Jarrett Nov 18
Someone is hiding in his basement, and it's not . : Biden holds emotional meeting with health care workers; Trump has no public schedule.
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The Tonight Show Nov 17
Since Trump won’t concede, we made a speech for him.
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According to that would be a yes!
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Replying to @NYCMayor @NYCSchools
If you truly care about kids, you would shut down the entities that are data-factually spreading . Having the lowest place of infection rate closed is not the solution. Look at !
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John Cassidy Nov 18
NYC: Stores open. Restaurants open. Gyms open. Salons open. Schools closed. Failure of leadership.
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Adam Shaw Nov 18
Carranza admits that the positive rate is just 0.19 percent in schools. And yet they close.
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Replying to @elizashapiro
What a disgrace! We continue to kick our kids & their education to the curb but yet we make all these accommodations for churches, restaurants, gyms & bars where data has shown covid spreads. Where are our priorities? Obviously, not educating our future work force.
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Why are we not following the same guidelines as other major developing countries and cities? Germany and France have kept their schools open despite lockdowns. There needs to be serious intervention here. Help!
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