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"The purpose of the public meetings is to encourage citizens to provide feedback, ideas, and suggestions regarding the services and programs of Hall County Parks & Leisure."
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“We want everybody that doesn’t have a Thanksgiving, to know that they have a Thanksgiving meal here.”
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What’s next for Hall County Fire Services and its new chief, Chris Armstrong? What did reporter Nick Watson learn in a half-hour sit down with chief this week?
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“I think you’ll see the Mundy Mill Road corridor go through some redevelopment leaning more toward a student market.”
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“The pipe was running and we didn’t know it. It was a remote area, so nobody saw that.”
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How did Gainesville get its newspaper? What was reporting like back when newspapers were published with a mix of typewriters and molten lead?
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Once the new term starts, Democrats will have 230 seats in the House, while Republicans will have 198.
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“One of the things that we think will add to the success of the Midtown Greenway is to continue to give people things to do along the greenway, reasons to keep walking.”
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We'd like to echo the thoughts of our editor at the time: "They were splendid youngsters who held the promise of meaningful participation in community life."
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Here's what the new chief had to say about turning a new page at the fire department.
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Queen City Parkway is closed between Aviation Boulevard and West Ridge Road.
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The man was taken to the hospital, but the state patrol didn't know his condition.
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The thief was likely driving this truck.
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The move is meant to spur retail growth.
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“I just want to see that small farmers can succeed.”
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Abrams says she is forming group to fight for voter rights.
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The student is not being charged with any crime.
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Got junk? Maybe it's worth something!
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The board unanimously denied the rezoning request.
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