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Yogi Jeana Lynn | grokrocks Transforming lives through crystal healing energy and guided meditation.
grokrocks 3 Jul 17
Help control and stop food cravings. Listen to meditation!
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grokrocks 26 Jun 17
is a feeling and does not have the parameters of one activity….It can simply be a way of life.
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grokrocks 19 Jun 17
Manage, control, and remove unwanted thoughts and feelings, transforming them into loving, positive thoughts for your well-being.
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grokrocks 12 Jun 17
Take away your inner critic's power, so you can experience true inner peace and happiness. Listen to full meditation
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grokrocks 9 Jun 17
This week's featured meditation is enhanced when combined with your red jasper grokrock. Listen to full meditation
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grokrocks 5 Jun 17
Weekly Featured Meditation: Letting go of Pain. Look at your pain, process what is behind it, and release your pain.
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grokrocks 2 Jun 17
Find time to GROK YOUR ROCK this weekend!
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