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Replying to @greg_doucette
Meat is only for "mother" ... must not come to Kamala, must not, must not, must ahhh.
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Replying to @greg_doucette
Whole org should be disbanded immediately -- would solve the problem of this insidious creeping gov power.
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Fred Trump's immigration was illegal. Probably best to send them back.
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A tRump supporter. Spit it right out.
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He likes to fish there, so it's a "problem". But since they don't go to Utah, they trim away national monuments for mining.
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It's not uncommon for highly wealthy, especially in social businesses such as acting or entertainment to tell their staff to cast their eyes down, don't look at them. I just don't get what motivates that demand? Superiority? Treating people as objects? What??
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Replying to @SpaceX
How much would Red Bull have paid to have painted it like it was a giant energy drink can? Money left on the table Elon.
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Replying to @kltinvt @atrupar
Trump cronies took out a large position in this drug stock and still need to "pump and dump" it for profit. I hope that helps.
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Replying to @EricTrump
Junk isn't choice "A". He's "F" for Fail. He got rid of everything Obama created including the great economy and public health.
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Cows should cite with at least one summary cow sentence. Cow Order Writ Society.
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Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Donald, you lie 100% of the time. This is proof that Stable Joe will save us from your disaster! Thanks!!
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Replying to @SusanlynnB68 @CDCgov
Mask work. Asia's few deaths and control over Covid prove that. They also have organized contact tracking which is practical when the case load is low. I just got back from a road trip across rural states. Masks don't work when the population doesn't use them.
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Replying to @elonmusk
Aliens have the tech to cross interstellar space, come to Earth and but all they can think of is building stuff out of chiselled stone.
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This is so WRONG! In the future, just duplicate the cat: 🐈🐈
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Only people evil at heart preach preach dangerous things to the public. Do you think he'll learn repentance? 🙏
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Replying to @jasonrapert
Praying you repent and soften your heart that made you turn a horribly mismanaged disease into dangerous political stunts. 🙏
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Replying to @elonmusk @SpaceX
Seems quite a gentle catch. I presume this helps turn around time for them not to be dunked in the ocean?
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Replying to @HomelandKen
Dipwad, as usual it's a made-up story about the real press the New York times and Carlson did exactly what he accused the times of wanting to do. Resign evil one.
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Replying to @RepRickCrawford
GOP always accused others of what they do themselves. Times was/is not publishing Carlson's address, but Carlson has caused that to happen to the reporter.
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I can't help thinking that in 70 years, McMansions would be historical examples of an era of selfish excess ... except and fittingly, none will be left because they tend to reflect the era -- they are cheaply built. All for show.
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