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Olivia, Misser of Friends
In case you missed them on the stream, here are two more reprints! Animist's Awakening & Nissa, Steward of Elements. Still TWO MORE preview cards for y'all, so stay tuned! 😉 (Thanks for the free-views)
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Rachel Agnes Apr 5
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Nay, Stay Away, We Mustn't Apr 5
Awaken, my forests!!
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Kendal Erickson (Rer)🌹 Apr 5
Some bomb-ass reprints :D
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Holir Apr 5
I found Nissa to be fun with Sylvan Library
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EC Hipstar Games Apr 5
I'm loving these decks so much. WOTC is knocking it out of the park this year!
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Lacey Apr 5
Oh that first one is A SHOE IN for my lord windgrace deck. Love these!
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Steven Apr 5
Maybe my favorite Nissa
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Dillon Morrow Apr 5
Liking the reprints so far. Locust god is a sweet one being over $10 currently. Hoping for more good ones especially in the mana base.
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BLM, blue lives isn’t a race, it's a career Apr 5
Sad face they reprinted Nissa now she will never gain value.
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chie aigis solidarity Apr 5
NISSA!!!!!!!!!! i need this nissa still, i'm so mad at myself for not getting her sooner, simic nissa is amazing
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