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Flights + Hotels Up to 50% Off • Cryptocurrency Accepted • TGE live until October 31st • TVLR Tokens are $0.02, Instantly Worth $1 • Book Travel Instantly
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Did you know... if you purchase TVLR tokens during this phase of our you get 567% bonus tokens on top of what you purchase! Tokens are $0.02 and instantly worth $1 on our booking site. Book your next trip with less money today!
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Summer is nearing its end, so why not squeeze in one more trip? Book with .com to get the best discounted rates in . Our tokens are now $0.02 and instantly worth $1 on our booking site.
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token (TVLR) is a utility token you can ACTUALLY use immediately upon purchase. So why not take some and pay for your next trip around the world?
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The proceeds from our TVLR token sales will enable the development of an innovative new for the industry, sold as a SaaS (Software as a Service) to our travel industry customers.
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makes the world closer to our everyday reality for utility. Thanks for this article Whitney Fu!
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Approx $390 billion per year is spent by customers & companies on unnecessary fees and back office logistical inefficiencies across the travel sector. At , we're innovating changes with technology to change that.
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Did you know...our Founder Alex Pellegrino is an & , controlling a $200 million Asset Fund. He is also President of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), and has been General Partner of Nicholas Pellegrino Investments for 18 yrs.
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We've assembled a team of -industry and -industry leaders to make the launch of our service seamless and accessible to any holder. Meet our team at .com.
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Replying to @cryptozan3
Just FYI, we are TVLR (Traveler), not travelcoin. :)
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During the 1st phase of our development, we'll use an existing aggregation platform with trusted suppliers. This allows us to offer the best prices at over 1.2 million properties world-wide at our and offer our holders the same functionality as Priceline or Expedia.
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has allowed for the democratization of currency. We want to bring that democratization to , and take that power away from the big OTA's. It's about empowering you, the consumer.
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accepts payment in , immediately without the inconvenience of first turning it into fiat. Have you booked your yet?
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is the world’s first -focused platform. Our AI powered aggregation technology aggregates rates from the industry's largest travel buyers that are not available to retail customers. Ready to buy some tokens?
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You can use tokens immediately after purchase on our site. Their value of $1.00 each on remains, no matter how much was paid for TVLR tokens during our TGE (right now, you can buy them for $0.20). It's a no brainer! Go !
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Replying to @nu_wibowo
The token is actually "TVLR". Appreciate the support. :)
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👉 Head over to to setup an account, purchase (with cash or ) and book your next trip INSTANTLY. 👉 Tokens are currently $0.20 and valued at $1 on . It's a no brainer.
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Direct Deals with & : We will use approximately 20% of the proceeds to negotiate better deals for our users by making upfront cash commitments on specific services that are in heavy demand. This means more value and a better service for our customers.
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WE'VE OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED! You can now head to to setup an account, purchase TVLR tokens (with cash or ) and book your next trip INSTANTLY. We’re excited to finally share with you the BIGGEST discounts that you’ve ever seen in .
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Our TGE (token generation event) is going live this week, possibly as early as tomorrow! will never be the same.
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The Traveler team consists of industry leaders in , , and . Visit us at to learn more.
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