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Sebastian Nigro 17 Apr 19
Been working on a small data structure library for GML, any other functions you think would be beneficial? 🤓
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Juju 16 Mar 19
New version of my text engine Scribble for - Less code clutter, more features!
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Replying to @bleug3
I do! For certain definitions of maintain.
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It's time to discuss a new GameMaker Studio 2 style guide for the site.
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Steam Panic 22 Oct 18
Replying to @arg
How to convert 3D world coordinates to 2D GUI: /// {vec3} position var v = argument0; var p = matrix_transform_vertex(matrix_get(matrix_world ),v[0],v[1],v[2]); var cx = (p[0] / p[2] + 1) *.5 * view_wport[0]; var cy = (p[1] / p[2] + 1) *.5 * view_hport[0]; return [cx,cy];
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Several collision list scripts from the site are now improved native functions in GameMaker Studio. The scripts will probably be removed in a future update, though they have some use in GM:Studio v1.4.9999.
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Replying to @smallbigsquare
There are even an algorithms that work in linear time but they are quite complex. See B. Chazelle and N. Amato.
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SmallBigSquare 31 Aug 18
More edge cases solved. There are few left to fix. Mostly stable now. I have added triangulation method from the great website. Do you know other (faster) triangulation methods❔❔❔
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Replying to @smallbigsquare
Yes. That script is not terribly fast. It uses a fairly naive randomized ear-clipping algorithm that was easy for me to understand. There are number of better algorithms based on monotone polygon decomposition. One even appears in Mark Overmars' Computational Geometry book.
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Replying to @steampanic
Pretty similar, though it would be difficult not to be. :)
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Vadim 18 Aug 18
Replying to @gmlscripts
I think we've talked about this once, but if it is merely a rectangle (or other pointy shape), transforming the coordinates yourself is going to be cheaper than building matrices and a texture swap - my recent post had an over-extended formula
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Replying to @YellowAfterlife
I keep forgetting about the very useful draw_sprite_pos() function.
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Secret Script: draw_rectangle_rotated() This same technique can be easily applied to drawing of any kind.
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xot ❤ 6502 10 Aug 18
What version of GameMaker Studio do you use?
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Not-so-minor SSL Update
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Minor and Future Updates
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Replying to @gmlscripts
Thank you, Gilles! You are also the best! Yes, it works that way!
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Replying to @gmlscripts
Crisis averted! The site should be back up. Thank you, Mark. You're the best!
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Apologies for the site downtime. I cannot do any banking until Monday. The process can be expedited if you are so inclined.
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