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Lilly Irani
Coal miners in KY have stopped a train carrying the coal they mined until they get paid $5 mill in backpay owed to them. Dept of Labor backs them up using a provision that can halt movement of goods for which workers haven't been paid. In Teen Vogue.
Coal miners in the area known as “Bloody Harlan” are currently blocking trains in a mass protest.
Teen Vogue Teen Vogue @TeenVogue
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Lilly Irani 15 Aug 19
Replying to @rajanprashant
ht And here's an article on the Obama-era hot goods provision that allows the government to stop the movement of goods until workers get paid.
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Vili Lehdonvirta Aug 15
Replying to @gleemie
Teen Vogue 🔥
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Dr Phoebe V Moore Quantified Worker Aug 16
Replying to @gleemie
Absolutely! Thank you for tweeting
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TexEnt Aug 16
Replying to @gleemie @sivavaid
So the one hope remaining for American journalism appears to be Teen Vogue.
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