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Amee Vanderpool
Here is directly violating 18USC§ 607 that says: It shall be unlawful for an individual, who is a Members of Congress, to solicit or receive a donation in connection with a federal election, while in any room used for official US duties.
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Catchingawesome Oct 15
What are the penalties. Oh nothing yeah that’s what I thought nothing.
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Bob Sinclair 💙 Oct 29
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wear a fucking mask Oct 15
What is the penalty and who is responsible for enforcing it?
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Jay Rouse Oct 15
The “Law and Order” Party * *when it suits our purpose
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Shawn K A Oct 15
WERD. He literally did this everyday (so far) of the confirmation hearings. Wish Dems would call him out in the floor…
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YoYo1💕✊🏽🍷🐶 Oct 15
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LIDO Oct 15
Just have to...
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Nas Oct 15
, you realize this TAPERECORDING isn't going away. Buckle and lawyer up after November 3rd.
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Japanese Spider-Man stan account Oct 15
He sounds so sad. This just made my day
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Jim Fannin Oct 15
I keep waiting for him to snivel, “Nobody likes me”
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