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Reclaim The Net 45m
Tucker Carlson slams the Koch brothers for funding online censorship scheme
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Josh Hawley 2h
Oh nonsense. These are the same tired arguments used to defend sex trafficking online. Here’s what I say: if the monopoly-size tech platforms want to keep their special immunity given by the fed govt, they should stop censoring political viewpoints they don’t like
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Josh Hawley 2h
Replying to @HawleyMO
If the tech giants want to censor political speech & advance a political viewpoint, fine. But then they should be treated like any other publisher
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The rest of you who don't want Big Brother to police "offensive content" can join us on Gab and police that content yourself as an individual.
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The Daily Signal 9h
A huge victory for supporters of the First Amendment: SCOTUS has ruled against an activist organization that wanted a WWI memorial torn down.
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Facebook will rank comments to make conversations more “meaningful”
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Allum Bokhari 4h
Google Slammed for Political Bias at Annual Shareholder Meeting via
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Paul Joseph Watson 14h
Tucker calls out the Koch brothers for working with the ADL to censor the Internet. "Remarkably, they've now joined the left-wing campaign against free speech."
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チャノロジー・アノニマス 9h
UPDATE: Fedilab has opted to remove the hard-coded Gab domain blocks in its app. I applaud this move, and have switched to Fedilab from Tusky in response, as the latter has chosen not to see reason.
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Do you write about Facebook or Twitter this way ? "Racists" certainly follow them and use their services too.
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dylan 5h
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72 Philadelphia Police Officers Placed On Desk Duty Over Offensive Social Media Posts
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Replying to @mikea1954
We did not comment on it. We asked a valid question about it and got an answer.
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Tyler Winklevoss 10h
Our most precious asset is our time. You can't touch it. You can't touch bitcoin either. That's a feature not a bug.
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We don’t want billions of users centralized on our servers. We want to build the open source censorship-resistant protocol, platform, and access technology which billions can use to reclaim their digital sovereignty and privacy.
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Most people don’t realize that the amount of open source technology that exists today was unthinkable even ten years ago. Much of it built ironically by Silicon Valley. Ultimately open source technology and a global army of freedom fighting developers will be what wins.
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Although the Gab and Mastodon communities are, historically, quite different, we share a common goal: triggering an unstoppable global migration of users away from centralized social media platforms that are controlled by authoritarian Silicon Valley corporations.
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New Gab is coming to life. July 4th.
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