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Gavin Holley
Upgrading to iOS 13.1 = bricked my iPhone 11 Pro Upgrading to iOS 13.1.1 = bricked my iPhone 11 Pro Upgrading to iOS 13.1.2 = bricked my iPhone 11 Pro All in the space of a week may I add! is this going to happen every Update?
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Apple Support Oct 1
Replying to @gavhol90
We’ll be happy to look into getting your iPhone working again. Can you elaborate on what you mean when you say that your iPhone 11 is ‘bricked’? This will help us determine the best way to assist you going forward. Let’s get together in DM to go over the details.
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Gavin Holley Oct 3
Replying to @AppleSupport
Thank you for responding, every time I update my iPhone to one of the OS versions stated in my original tweet my iPhone becomes unresponsive, the apple symbol is displayed with the loading icon for hours on end, the only way to restore the phone is to ‘hard reset’ each time
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tommy jones Oct 1
Replying to @gavhol90 @AppleSupport
That’s what happens why you buy a shite phone
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