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Fundition is a next-generation, decentralized, peer-to-peer crowdfunding and collaboration platform, built on the Steem & Tron blockchains.
Tweets May 18
(Crowdfunding Tips) Why having a landing page or a website can help you attract Backers and Supporters, which one should you choose?
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(Donor Wednesday) Meet our top donor from last week! To be part of this list head to and support impactful projects!
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(Project Presentation) Fundition proudly presents: 's project: "Building Steem Mentor Teams | Community Project"
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Another Wednesday, Another Donor Wednesday Edition. This week we have Derek, Siamcat and Ciuoto as the top donors! To be part of this list head over and support impactful projects.
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Rowan Joyce May 6
Day 56 Creative Push Up Challenge. is the next big social media phenomenon. Imagine if you'd got into Facebook when it first started... But steem rewards users rather than selling data. Today I nominate anyone from
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Yasu24 May 7
This article introduced “Change the Future: Adopt a Tree” to Japan.
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Happy Weekend to all the project founders, backers, collaborators and supporters! What can you do this week end with Fundition?
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(Fundition Project) Adopt a Tree. Read more details in this incredibly important post about or project that is saving the trees. Learn what are you getting from them and what you can give back.
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DTube FORUM|2019|Barcelona Apr 30
Just 17 out and we will kick off the 1st here in . Today we let you know how to transfer from the airport to the city center: 👉
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(Crowdfunding Tips) Create an impactful social media post. Use this to attract Backers and to promote wide & far!
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(Project Presentation) Fundition proudly presents: 's project: "We need your Help Finishing the movie for cinema"
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Fundition second own Crowdfunding Project: Adopt a Tree in Kenya for $10! This initiative will teach students why Trees are important, why we should plant more trees and why it is essential.
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(Project Presentation) Fundition proudly presents: 's project: "Teleports | More Steem Dapps to Android"
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Mimee Apr 24
There is a special Backer who’d like to support projects on but only impactful ones, why should he support yours? (Strong points, cause, arguments, impact of your project) and I will discuss with him.
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(Crowdfunding tips) Why is crowdfunding better than having individual investor.
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Sam Apr 14
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Tanbay Apr 17
Review and Step-by-step guide to launch your first project:
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Enrique89 Apr 18
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Mordern chief priest Apr 19
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Steem Apr 20
in Venezuela! Feat. Official Post of the Meetup of the Steem blockchain in Venezuela — Steemit
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