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If you want to get a good grasp of major React concepts, you'll learn more by doing. So you should build some projects. Lots of them. And this free course will walk you through creating 15 different projects. So get ready to become a React superstar.
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JavaScript's "this" keyword is a tricky feature of the language to understand. But you need to know it to write more advanced JS code. In this article explains the `this` keyword along with 5 key binding rules for JS beginners.
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Learning to code is hard - you might hear that discouraging voice saying "you're not smart enough." But you know what? Tell that voice to be quiet. In this story shares how he finally taught himself to code & built his first big project.
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What if you just want a simple layout to start a project and don't wanna mess around with complex CSS? Luckily there are a few common HTML layouts you can choose from. In this article shows you how to build them with both Flexbox and Grid.
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Teaching yourself to code is hard - how do you even know where to start? Don't worry - you just need a road map. And this article by is your self-taught developer's guide to learning how to code (and includes many free resources, too).
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Fields like data science, machine learning, and computer graphics require some math skills. And if you haven't reviewed precalculus concepts for a while, you'll need to do so. Here's a free 5-hour course that'll teach you college math prerequisites.
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You use HTML and CSS to create layouts and arrange elements on a page. But centering things & aligning them properly? It's a real pain. To help you, wrote this article on how to vertically align a div with CSS (with plenty of code examples).
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Coursera made a ton of their certificates free so you can keep learning during the pandemic. And they're adding more to the list all the time. In this article, lists 115 new ones (free until the end of the year) and helps you sign up.
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If you want to learn React and solidify your knowledge, you should build a project. So to help you start, just wrote an e-Book that has 50 React-based projects ideas. And he shares 8 of them in this article👇. Have a look & start building.
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Many of you have probably used MVC frameworks like as Laravel, Ruby on Rails, or Angular. But have you ever wondered what goes into building one of them? Learn to make an MVC framework from scratch using PHP in this 6-hour course from .
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Quincy Larson Oct 29
Hey friends, we're re-architecting the freeCodeCamp News servers. To reduce server load a bit, I won't send a "5 links worth your time" email this week. Instead allow me to thank the kind human beings who answer coding questions on the freeCodeCamp forum. Ya'll are the best.
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You can use Python for a lot of things - like web scraping, for example. It helps you gather lots of data from websites. In this interactive tutorial, shows you how to scrape data from a website with Python and Beautiful Soup.
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It doesn't matter what programming language you use – you need a good code editor. And Visual Studio Code is one of the most popular editors out there. If you want to learn how to use VS Code like a pro, check out this video course from .
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Google Cloud Platform has an extensive suite of cloud-related services & tools. And if you need an overview, we have just the resource for you. In this guide shows you how to go from zero to hero with your Google Cloud Platform skills.
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Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration platform that automates tons of container functionality. But it can be overwhelming if you're just learning it. Here's a comprehensive guide from that'll teach you all the Kubernetes basics.
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Writing code and writing clean, readable code aren't always the same thing. But they should be. So how do you make it happen? In this guide to clean coding for beginners, you'll get a straightforward introduction to the basic best practices.
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AWS offers 15 machine learning tools to help you integrate ML into your applications. And each tool solves a different problem - so an overview really helps you learn the basics. Here's a complete guide to those ML tools from - dive in.
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React.js is one of the most popular web frameworks according to Stack Overflow's 2020 developer survey. So it's great to know if you're job hunting or leveling up your skills. Learn how to use React in this comprehensive video course from .
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React is one of the most popular libraries in the web development world. But getting it installed and setup can be tricky. In this article shows you how to Install React.js the easy way with create-react-app.
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Hackers could be attacking your code at this very moment. So what are you gonna do to prevent cyberattacks? This article shows you how to catch hackers who want to get into your codebase - before they can do serious damage.
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