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.: Building the wall remains a priority. Other resources will be used for border security until we can get funding.
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Dave Sanders IL 🦅 25 Apr 17
The Wall is chump change. America's TEN (10) richest people are worth over $500 BILLION alone! We can afford it. Protect our country!
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SusanMarkell 25 Apr 17
We will Where do we donate? We need a place to donate $ for the wall. The American people will pay for it! We can do it!
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Mike Wall 25 Apr 17
If we had the $ back that Obama illegally gave to the Iranians the wall would be paid for already.
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AJ 25 Apr 17
I have another radical idea (stay with me now) Trump gets Mexico to pay for it, like he said they would! 🤔
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GR 25 Apr 17
I'm a strong supporter of a government shutdown, to obtain an illegal immigration shutdown. Build the wall.
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Mark Dawson 25 Apr 17
Stop funding to the sanctuary cities Los Angeles and Seattle over 700 billion dollars saved put it towards building the wall
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Jamison Daniel 25 Apr 17
Trump is demanding 1.5 Billion dollars for starters or he's gonna shut down America. We should not negotiate with terrorists.
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